Month: January 2009

What’s Your Inspiration?

When I was little, I would build inspiration boards on whatever piece of cork I could find.  They became the mediums of self expression and cheer, packed with cards, scraps of wrapping paper, fabric, dried flowers, love notes.  I still have an inspiration board (It’s almost as big as the kitchen table now). I will try to get good photos of it for an upcoming post. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some other boards I spotted around the Internet this week. Which image do you like the best? (The full moon on d.Sharp’s board especially caught my eye.) xoxo

2. Coach (via Bandelle)

The Evening Sky

I have enjoyed the past few days watching the moon and Venus make their transit across the winter sky.  This evening, beyond the trees, the waxing moon was shaped like delicate bowl, to toss wishes in. 

(Photo credit: megseggs)

Life Through A Viewfinder

I’m awed and inspired by Pennsylvania artist Valorie Cox’s photos, meticulously taken though the bubble-top glass viewfinders of vintage cameras. (Usually Rediflexes).  She has a number of prints for sale on Etsy at the moment and she also has a blog, where she generously shares her process for creating these little works of art.  Unexpected and beautiful.

Le Love

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