I’m awed and inspired by Pennsylvania artist Valorie Cox’s photos, meticulously taken though the bubble-top glass viewfinders of vintage cameras. (Usually Rediflexes).  She has a number of prints for sale on Etsy at the moment and she also has a blog, where she generously shares her process for creating these little works of art.  Unexpected and beautiful.


5 Comments on Life Through A Viewfinder

  1. wow – those are gorgeous photos. found my way here from frolic and am liking your blog – photos are great. i’m also a newbie so welcome~ :)

  2. These are just perfect. I’ve been looking for art to fill the walls of my new home. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to peek at her shop now…

  3. Thank you! I’m so touched by the wonderful, warm people I’m meeting on my little page! you brighten my day!

  4. This blog is brightening a lot of days. Your ability to find beauty in the everyday is quite transfixing and helping me to see my own world in new ways. Thanks.