Makes me happy to see Maira Kalman’s new blog post (on the inauguration) for the New York Times…(And I adore the pink chair).


5 Comments on Maira Kalman

  1. If I had a chair like that, I only would look at it and never would allow anyone to sit. . .except one of my cats, of course.

  2. My cats glare at me if I try to extract them from of my favorite chairs. Especially if they’re sunbathing. They believe it’s their special right to be there.

  3. I LOVE that illustration!
    Nice to meet you!
    Come visit my blog… I have added you to my blog roll!
    ENJOY your weekend and ENJOY blogging!

  4. Hi Tina, Love this illustration of Frida Kahlo so much! All kitty’s must have their chairs, and this pink one would be just purrrr fect for my “neice”, Ms. CLEO!!
    xo, Penney