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Which one is your favorite?  I love the top one. I always feel I like I’m walking on a highwire (but not quite with as much style.)


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5 Responses to “Old Magazine Covers”

  1. Miranda says:

    I love the first one too. So lovely and such a metaphor for all our lives these days.

  2. random moments says:

    Oooo I adore the second to last one. Very sheek! These type of old covers were what made me get into the field of graphic design.

  3. luckebabe says:

    I like the last two. I would say the last one is my favorite. Just something with the way she is posing and the big fan of feathers behind her.

  4. Ursula T says:

    I like the “Life” image, it is full of confidence and joy, it is certainly an image I would love to display on my living room wall.

  5. Penney says:

    I LOVE LIFE (the last one, especially….
    xo, Penney
    they’re all super! Love LOLITA too!!

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