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From a gorgeous post this Saturday morning on the flickr blog.  (I’m loving images of bare trees at the moment!)

(Photo credits: Natureluv and Biancavanderwerf)

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6 Responses to “Flickr Tree(s)”

  1. david santos says:

    Brilliant pictures and pretty colores!
    You are Master!
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Tina says:


  3. Olga says:

    Your blog is my island of aesthetic retreat in a sea that seems roiled with new troubles every day.

  4. Miranda says:

    Some people find mist deary, even melancholy. I think it’s nysteriously comforting. Thanks for the invitation to reverie.

  5. luckebabe says:

    I love trees also. They are so fascinating!

  6. random moments says:

    What serene images. These are beautiful pics hun!

    Perfect dose of inspiration right before bedtime. Sets the tone for sweet dreams! :)

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