When I was little, I would build inspiration boards on whatever piece of cork I could find.  They became the mediums of self expression and cheer, packed with cards, scraps of wrapping paper, fabric, dried flowers, love notes.  I still have an inspiration board (It’s almost as big as the kitchen table now). I will try to get good photos of it for an upcoming post. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some other boards I spotted around the Internet this week. Which image do you like the best? (The full moon on d.Sharp’s board especially caught my eye.) xoxo

2. Coach (via Bandelle)

7 Comments on What’s Your Inspiration?

  1. Hmm, I can’t decide! But I am a poster child for indecision…

    I recently posted some pics of my inspiration board in response to a tag, it’s rather spartan when compared to these examples…now I’m motivated to fill it up…

    Anyway, just discovered your blog, I really like it!

  2. Have always wanted an inspiration board and shall have one soon! I just moved into a new home, with my first craft room ever!

    The images are a tie between one & two. *le sigh*

  3. I was so similar, I loved (and still love) doing collages of my favourite images. Things I loved, wanted, places I wanted to visit etc.. Its nice. I love just starting with a blank corkboard and building on it with beautiful images and thoughts and quotations.

  4. Oh! Wonderful inspirations! I love them all – so eclectic and definitely inspiring. I think probably, if I had to make a choice, it would be #3. I love the Magritte pipe amongst this whimsical and aesthetically appealing board.

  5. I can’t pick. I like them all. I’m an inspiration board person. Mine often comes out in the form of a decoupage though. Magazine clippings and other mixed media make up my walls.