Hello everyone, I spent the day trying to organize the millions of magazines in my work studio. It’s a task that will never be finished. I always get distracted and end up sitting on the floor reading. I found an old issue of Australian Vogue Living from two years ago. As I flipped through the pages I instantly remembered why I bought it: It was for these photos (above), of Linda Gregoriou’s home in Sydney. The objets in the top photo are beyond beautiful: The antique Chinese screen, the pink peonies, the bright painting, the turquoise Balinese pot. Then the following photos: The memo chandelier and the tattered rug. The art, the flowers, the white floor, more pink. Bliss!!


6 Comments on Bliss

  1. Ooh, the pink painting above the fireplace in the second photo is fabulous!


  2. Chinese screens and peonies. . .too delicious. How lovely of you to share your fabulous magazine collection. I feel like I’m there on the floor reading with you. . .Pass the French Vogue, please.

  3. Yay for distraction! Keep sorting those magazines, take even longer! the old issue pictures are indeed BLISS!