It’s very hard not to be fascinated with Edie Sedgwick, Warhol’s muse. Here’s a fantastic video by the Velvet Underground — found by Eyemurmur on YouTube — that captures the glamour and tragedy of Sedgwick’s life. (She died much too young of an overdose). The clip is set to the song “After Hours,” written by Lou Reed and performed by Underground drummer Maureen Tucker. More info about the song here.


2 Comments on Girl, Interrupted

  1. Cool is so seductive. It’s the beauty that stands apart and refuses to live life on the mainstream auto-pilot. Edie certainly stood for that and Lou Reed, certainly. The danger comes when you dance too carelessly on the edge and match your steps to the treacherous song of romantic self-destruction that comes out of the abyss. It’s so easy to slip and fall, if you let that deceitful music fill your ears. Cool, after all, is about beauty and beauty is for the living.