Late Winter 2

The weather was beautiful here today, balmy with wispy clouds. I decided to get out of my office and get some air. It was so lovely to watch the sun dip into the western sky from my spot (sitting on an old palm tree stump at Pasadena’s Central Park). Here are a few of the Polaroids I took during my little outing: the clouds, the palm trees, a leafless willow and one of the turrets at the glorious Castle Green — across the street from the park. (A very hardy old rose bush is still at it, despite the season.)


18 Comments on Late Winter Light

  1. What strikingly poetic images. You should, as they always say, get out more. . .and when you go, take the camera. Thanks for sharing your lovely afternoon.

  2. I love your photo walk. I really like this blog, I am also fairly new to blogspot. I will follow you if you will follow me! I have a grand total of 5 followers right now!! (Hoping for 100s! hehe)

    ps Im an english gal living in Ca. Love your blogname

  3. Thank you!! I would love to follow your blog! will add you immediately! Where do you live in California? (I’m an LA girl wishing I were living in England! hah!)

  4. Hi Tina -I just found your lovely blog today and have been swooning over all the eye candy. And then I realized I read your stuff in the Times regularly!!

    (Can you bop the entertainment critics on the head for me? I thought their Oscar reviews were WAY off.)

    Anyway, so glad to have found you!

  5. Thank you!! So glad you found me!! (And i’m glad you read my column, too!) Do you have a blog? I’ll follow you as well!

  6. Im in the SF bay area. Met my husband here on vacation 18 years ago! Seems like a lifetime ago now. I do miss England. All my family still live there. sigh

  7. your pictures look very a late winter day would feel like. Everything frozen in time just before the excitement of spring will set everything in motion.
    Late winter days in Belgium are 90% of the time gray :)lucky you!

  8. Hi Tina,

    I never think of California as having a “winter light”. Neat.

    Your blog is really growing in leaps and bounds. Thanks for the call out about Michael Sowa and the art from Amelie.

    You are on my blogroll of fame.

  9. I’ve really been enjoying the few sites I’ve found that feature Polaroid shots – such a lovely, soft, sometimes vintage quality to the photos.

    Great job!
    Gotta get me one of those cameras!

  10. Beautiful shots! The colors are just amazing. And to join in the cheer and complements:) I love stopping by your blog, it's truly one of my favorites! Beautiful, charming & serene and the writing is lovely.
    You rock Tina!

  11. Hello Tina, thanks you for the compliments! I am now a “follower” of your lovely blog, and yes, I am happy to add you to my blog roll.

  12. These shots are so lovely.

    I am not sure how I ventured onto your site, but I’ve been visiting alot recently. Just love to catch up with a bit of the world that is warm while we’re chilly!

    Anyway, I nominated you for an award. Please visit my blog to pick up the details (and pass the smiles on to some of your favs)

  13. Sorry to double comment, but you might not be able to find your award….because I didn’t provide the link: