Here are some wonderful old photos of Audrey, Grace and Elizabeth with their Oscars, always the most popular guy in Hollywood this time of year. Are you watching the Academy Awards tomorrow night? Who are you rooting for?

(Photo credits: Life images.)


10 Comments on Oscar

  1. Isn’t Audrey the most glorious creature to ever grace the Oscars? I will be glued to the tv. I am rooting for Kate Winslet (about time that woman had an Oscar) and for Brad Pitt as leading actors and for Heath Ledger as best supporting actor. I think he deserves the Oscar, not because he is dead like some people so annoyingly imply, but because his work in that mediocre film was luminous.

  2. That lace dress audrey is wearing is so sweet. You don’t see clothes like that at the oscars now.

  3. Oh they’re all such lovely images.

    I certainly am going to watch, are you?

    I’m rooting for; Heath, Angelina, Slumdog who are you rooting for?

  4. Vintage Hollywood photos just ooze glamour. I’m rooting for Kate because girls with curves rock. . .and, yes, she’s a great actress, who seems brave enough to take any role.

  5. Audrey is absolute perfection in my eyes. I just love her and appreciate you sharing these amazing photos–just fabulous!