Month: February 2009

Girl, Interrupted


It’s very hard not to be fascinated with Edie Sedgwick, Warhol’s muse. Here’s a fantastic video by the Velvet Underground — found by Eyemurmur on YouTube — that captures the glamour and tragedy of Sedgwick’s life. (She died much too young of an overdose). The clip is set to the song “After Hours,” written by Lou Reed and performed by Underground drummer Maureen Tucker. More info about the song here.

New Etsy Crush

I’m quite smitten by D. Kim’s wry illustrations on Etsy. Above: A jumble of glass lanterns, a new take on the silhouette and subway entrances. (I need directions to the station that takes me many moons away!) Kim is a Brooklyn artist, with humor, talent and an edge. Bravo.

White. It’s the New Black!

Hello everyone. It’s very late here but I’m wide awake. They were serving chocolate martinis and trays of Godiva bonbons at the Elton John party. I’ve had way too much sugar. And now I’m on the Internet and watching Oscar recaps on TV. So, what did you think of the Oscar fashions? The colors were very neutral this year, with fewer diamonds. Bling is out. White is in. Everyone looked like a bride. I’m longing for the days when Nicole was wearing chartreuse. 

Kate’s Moment?


I loved Kate Winslet as Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility and she was brilliant as Clementine in the Eternal Sunlight of the Spotless Mind. (It was horrible the way people criticized her for gaining a few pounds after Titanic.)

She looks beautiful (and charming while crying during acceptance speeches.) Can’t wait to see how she does tonight. She has stiff competition though. What an amazing group of actresses!

Comment from the talented Tina Tarnoff: “She is just amazing, so strong and vulnerable at the same time. I loved the interview and the amazing photos of her as Deneuve in the December Vanity Fair. Here’s the link. I do hope she wins!”

(Photo credit and lovely Kate wallpapers: here.)


Here are some wonderful old photos of Audrey, Grace and Elizabeth with their Oscars, always the most popular guy in Hollywood this time of year. Are you watching the Academy Awards tomorrow night? Who are you rooting for?

(Photo credits: Life images.)





Hello everyone, I spent the day trying to organize the millions of magazines in my work studio. It’s a task that will never be finished. I always get distracted and end up sitting on the floor reading. I found an old issue of Australian Vogue Living from two years ago. As I flipped through the pages I instantly remembered why I bought it: It was for these photos (above), of Linda Gregoriou’s home in Sydney. The objets in the top photo are beyond beautiful: The antique Chinese screen, the pink peonies, the bright painting, the turquoise Balinese pot. Then the following photos: The memo chandelier and the tattered rug. The art, the flowers, the white floor, more pink. Bliss!!

J Lo in Tulle


I love this photo of Jennifer Lopez wearing the now iconic sequin and tulle Oscar de la Renta dress. I cut this out of a magazine awhile back. Of course now I can’t remember where it appeared. (Do you know!? Vogue, perhaps). It’s gorgeous! Would you wear a short dress like this to formal event?

UPDATE: The photo is from Elle magazine, September 2005. Thank you anonymous!

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