Hello Everyone, I love the Penguin UK edition of the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. (Their cover design is always marvelous.) The story was originally written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of my all time favorite authors.

Meanwhile, I wanted to tell you that I put together an Amazon list of some of the books you’re reading. Thank you all for your comments on the “Got Books?” post. You inspire me!

Your list here!

And the original post. (Let me know if you want to add any books to the list.)


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  1. The list is a fine idea! I’m already wondering what my next book will be. Thank you Tina and all other contributors.

  2. they all look so great! i’ve been wanting to read some obama… and virginia woolf is so good too! Night and Day is excellent (by woolf) :)

  3. Excellent list!
    I’d love to start reading again, perhaps this summer.
    LOVE ‘the Fountainhead’ (and not just because I’m in architecture…), but also LOVED her other novels, especially ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Maybe I’ll start by re-reading that one!

  4. Fantastic! I’ll add Atlas, as well as Night and Day to the list! Clever, smart girls! So happy you’re here..thank you for your comments!

  5. A really good book -well actually it’s a biography- is Georgiana: The Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman. The book was just made into a movie starring Kiera Knightley, but the book is amazing! the author makes you feel like you’re back in the middle of the 18th century, and you’re really inside this young girl’s head, who was thrown into British society by becoming duchess of Devonshire at 16 and ended up living a life of quiet desperation liberated by only a couple people.

    I definitely recommend it.