Hello everyone. It’s been a very long evening of work. I’m so tired that I can’t sleep. It’s soothing to flip through beautiful photos. I especially love the red elements in this collage. Red roses, red dress, red pom-poms on a hat. The photo of the lights in the snow is magical…The blue china reminds me of Oscar Wilde. How does that quote go again?

So now I’m going to bed…until tomorrow….

UPDATE: Thank you Miranda! Wilde said he was “trying to live up to my blue and white china.”
That must have been amazing china. I wonder if it was Burleigh or Spode.

(Photo credits at my I Heart It.)


7 Comments on Red

  1. Funny. It’s 12:45, just finished homework, and I’m also too tired to sleep. :)

    As always, beautiful imagery. Nitey nite.

  2. Absolutely beautiful and definitely soothing collage, love the splashes of red too – they zing my eyes into happiness :-) Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think Wilde said he “was trying to live up to my blue and white china.” This collage is lovely, especially the lights on the trees.

  4. Well, M’dear…tired works for ya’!

    LOVE this collection!

    Every single one! Gorgeous! The candles in the snow? SO dreamy!