My creation
The vanilla and blue world of Emilie79*, as captured through her various Polariod cameras. From her Flickr set. Haunting. Lovely.


8 Comments on World, Jewel-Box Sized

  1. Beautiful & yes, vanilla & blue is clever. Of course I love it…blue. You've set me off again on blue.:) OK. Back to work. ciao. Hi Hazel, above.


  2. I really want my worl to be inthose colors! Absolutely stunning. After seeing your photos and now these, I think I really want a polaroid camera!

  3. Oh – thank you for blogging my polaroid pictures, it’s an honour :)
    And yes indeed “vanilla and blue” is a very apt and lovely way of putting it – love it (might even use it as a picture title one day, if you dont mind ;p)