Hello everyone! We’re back from a our weekend getaway at a lovely little cabin…


…in a canyon amid the California chaparral: Eucalyptus trees and prickly pears, yucca plants and orange poppies, pine trees and oak trees…


We were cooled by an ocean breeze and kept warm by a campfire. Of course, I had to bring along vintage blankets, an orange enamel teapot (with white polka dots), and thrift-store yarn for knitting….My favorite part…


…was drinking wine in the evening on this front porch swing. And listening to the birds sing. It was bliss.

So now I’m back at work. Sigh. It’s Monday.


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  1. it was a really cheep getaway. just a few hours drive…we’re looking for ways to still have fun but save money…i’ve become the thrift store maven!

  2. It sounds like a marvellous weekend. And pray tell, what are you knitting? (I'm still working on Xmas gifts, I am not kidding.)

    Yes, it's Monday but look at it this way: I'm in the East & it's afternoon…just talked to friends in NZ & it's Tuesday a.m. there. So really, it's nearly Tuesday afternoon for them..and…do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry & Elaine are in Florida at his parents? It's driving them crazy & it comes down to "…& really, when you look at it, it's a day, a day & a half tops…"

    California poppies, oh, how gorgeous. I saw them for the first time in northern CA visiting a friend years ago. She knew I would freak out (in a good way) & drove this non-driver somewhere near her place in Marin. We drove around a bend on Hwy. 1 & she pulled over & said: Get out (in a nice way).

    I could hardly believe it, I squealed (I did). As far as I could see…an orange lava river. Brought a package of CA poppy seeds back East (they didn't sell them here then) & proceeded to violate the native species concept (which wasn't au courant even with a lot of gardeners, so je m'excuse).

    Riffing on your post title, I have to readjust to the Mamas & Papas. Last week, when I looked at your getaway post, I smiled devilishly because Tom Petty Wildflowers CD was playing (the naughty Cabin Down Below). Hence, my "beware of les loups" fit both the Jeanloup post & the getaway.

    OK. That's enough of me!

    (But I'm emailing you soon to ask for a photo permission soon…so that will be me emailing from 'myrealname/with the darfur gmail address. Or would you prefer FB? I'll subscribe to comments to find out answer…ciao-meow)

  3. I love that, Giuila darling, California poppies growing along the Potomic!
    email me at FB or yahoo…it all gets funneled to my blackberry anyway…

  4. this is such an awesome post! yayy for vintage blankets, wine in the evening and enamel teapot! i so wish i was your friend! kerri xx

  5. Woohoo, Tina – a nice way to start the week. You’re a Blogger of Note!!

    To think that I knew you when you were just a blogging baby!

    Congrats – Hazel XO

  6. Gosh, the place looks absolutely lovely. Just right for charging the bateries. So glad you’re back, though! Missed your blogging:).


  7. Oh, sounds lovely! I’m looking forward to our first trip to Vail once the snow melts off the mountaintops. It’s been too long since we enjoyed our mountain getaway!

  8. Congratulatons, but those of us who have been following your blog for the past months already feel it’s a notable part of our lives. Your weekend sounds just right and you must tell us what you’re knitting. Poppies and wild lupine are such wonderful signs of the California spring, which is one of nature’s subtle wonders. Thank you for sharing it all with all of us.

  9. Ohh! Thank you!!! Thank you for reading me and visiting my blog!

    i’m so happy!

    so what am i knitting? really i only knit two things: scarves and pot holders…easy things that i can just knit and purl because it’s so relaxing…

  10. Nothing is more peaceful than a nice getaway especially aroundnature….I love your blg you should cmececk mine out:)

  11. Wow – congratulations on being a blog of note!!! Sounds like such a divine and relaxing weekend at “the cabin”. It’s funny, I was born in San Diego and although we moved away when I was only six, I still have that scent memory of the Eucalyptus. I’m feeling very nostalgiac for California right now…

  12. there’s nothing better than starting the day outside with tea and ending it outside with wine!! sounds perfect :)

  13. I found you on blogs of note and am more impressed with your reading list then theirs!

    The rustic photos are so appropriate to the subject. Looks like an amazing getaway. I’ll have to plan my own!

  14. it’s hard to back to work after having a pleasant weekend, isn’t it? me too.

  15. I am soooo jealous! The cabin looks absolutely gorgeous, lovely and cosy and oh so romantic.

    Came across your blog from the blogs of note section – keep up the good work, it’s a great read :o)

  16. Gosh, with so many followers you got and the celebrity you are in, how am I suppose to fit in? I am only a small fish in your huge aquarium. Anyway, I admire the sophistication of your blog name alone. What more of the contents? I am just a one cell of your titanic brain. hehehe… Cheers!