Mar 10, 2009

by English Muse

It would have been so much fun to drink champagne with Marilyn Monroe…

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5 Responses to “Glass of Bubbly, Anyone?”

  1. pve design says:

    My mother always taught me the value of a simple and to the point thank-you. I think Marilyn’s Mom taught her the same.
    love it, gayer.

  2. me melodia says:

    love it!

  3. Zoe says:

    Further proof that everyone should be grateful for champagne, always–though I’ve found that the right company makes it even better.

  4. Style and Inspiration says:

    Short, sweet and to the point!

  5. REDRAVEN says:

    Very well put. There is a little champagne and Marilyn in us all. Cheers!

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