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Another captivating typewritten message by Jackie Young. I love the lines about dinner fogging up the windows and people from Philly naming their pets “gatorade and veronica.”

Jackie is the photographer who created the “here is your key” photo that’s been making the rounds on the Internet. A few days ago, she posted a comment explaining how the key message originated. (It was ruined love.) But wait till you hear what became of that little note…! {Scroll down 10 posts or click here!}

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3 Responses to “dear (fill in the blank)”

  1. puglyfeet says:

    Jackie’s great — thanks for sharing her.

    “How to make eye contact again, and make it mean something” resonates with me. I want to make it mean something. I also love “Wanting it all is not a bad thing”.

  2. REread says:

    love the key pic and story

  3. Charlotte says:

    You’ve introduced us to another fascinatingly talented woman. Thanks.

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