Mar 23, 2009

by English Muse

I stopped by the grocery store this afternoon to pick up medicine for my cold. As I was waiting for my prescription, I flipped through the latest issue of House Beautiful. I’ve always been a fan of the magazine. Editor Stephen Drucker (once a newspaper guy) is brilliant and my old Los Angeles Times colleague Barbara King works there as the executive editor.

As good as their previous issues have been, the April magazine feels different. It’s more like — dare I say it? — Domino. (my former glossy fav.) In this new HB, my favorite feature — an enthralling Q & A with interior designer Cristine Gillespie — is called “Getting Cozy with Quirky.” Like music to my ears. Some of the stills in “The Mix” also caught my eye. Here’s a little sampling from both stories….

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Dominoesque? What do you think? And there’s something else delightful in this month’s edition: There’s a feature on Etsy artists. It seems like an unmistakable nod to the online decor blogs who have championed Etsy and its artisans from the start. (A quote from the magazine’s website: “ is changing the way we look at handmade and becoming the ultimate online crafts fair.”) A few of the featured artists below…


I left the store with my cold medicine and the magazine, feeling much better.

If Drucker can really capture the still mourning Domino crowd, he is brilliant indeed.

(PS. The Etsy artisans starting from the top left: palomasnest; annaspots; jetsetpaper; jennyleefowler; whitneysmith; avrilloreti; jillrosenwald.)


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25 Responses to “Is House Beautiful the new Domino?”

  1. Style and Inspiration says:

    Some of the House Beautiful pics do look a bit like Domino. Hope you’re feeling better. I’m still trying to get rid of the remnants of my cold!

  2. The Wanderers' Daughter says:

    That couch….my kingdom for that couch! (not that my kingdom is all that big, mind you!)

  3. Tina says:

    I know!!! I”m in love with this couch!!!

  4. Maggie May says:

    especially the top three pics have more of a Domino feel: eclectic, cluttered, intellectually bustling, vibrant., in short, everything i love. i’ll buy the issue.
    and love the couch

  5. The Cottage Cheese says:

    I’m liking the new direction that House Beautiful is taking. And it’s so great to see Etsy getting press in major design magazines!

  6. bridgmanpottery says:

    oh! that’s hopeful! I loved domino to keep me on-trend. ish.

  7. Char says:

    I will definitely check out the magazine now that you’ve pointed this out. and yay for etsy!

  8. puglyfeet says:

    I want that red pastry-holder thingy — whatever it’s called. How cute.

  9. Tina says:

    I was thinking the same thing!! you would have to stack bagels in it, i guess. It’s so cute!

  10. Tina Tarnoff says:

    I’m joining in the couch love! It is an absolute dream couch!

    Hope you feel better, Tina. My tried and tested recipe for cold is a lot of cidar vinegar (yuck) and a lot of tea made with fresh boiled ginger, sage or mint or any tea you have, lemon and honey. It works like a charm!


  11. heather smith jones says:

    I think I’ll have to check that out and hooray for the etsy feature!
    hope you feel better 🙂

  12. mary says:

    OK, I’m running out today to buy this issue…it looks fabulous!!

  13. Janet says:

    Yeah for Etsy! I subscribed to HB for the same reasons.

  14. P. says:

    Isn’t that funny – I was thinking the same thing. I love HB (even more than I loved Domino) – it’s lovely and classic and full of useful resources. The Etsy feature surprised me because HB seemed somewhat immune to the handmade hysteria (I love Etsy and handmade things, but I will scream if I see another baby deer or owl or ironic poster).

  15. Tina says:

    RE ETSY: Who ever designed that UK WW2 “carry on” poster could have made a fortune on the trademark! It’s been copied more than a counterfeit Hermes bag!

  16. giulia says:

    Now I can confess…I never bought Domino (though I flipped thru it at others' houses, etc.) I enjoyed it but I can't keep up with the stuff I already arrived by post/passed on by friends. One of which was always H&G & after that folded, HB. So I'm not a stuffy old thing yet (eh?)

    I know that Domino helped people "get the look" for less, hi/low, etc. But what I never understood was…we (my family, others I knew) did the same with inspiration from HG/HB/Marie Claire Maison. We just made it up. I guess I am an old thing after all…anyway, I'm glad a magazine might get some new subscribers. Anytime one mag/newspaper (real hard copy) can be saved is a positive now.

    RE: cold: yes, steeped ginger. I have a Polish friend who used to grab my considerable amount of hair, pull back & pour down her ginger tea. She can't help it, I watched her mother do the same thing when we were kids. Anyway, it works. And I always laugh (to self)when anyone walks within earshot of either person & there's a cough or sniff Ginger root is whipped out of purses/totes. No, I am not kidding. I dose myself now to avoid hair pulling.

    Feel better soon, Tina. (And I hope everyone else has a good Monday, too. It's cold here in DC, boo.)

    xo, Susan

  17. Betsy says:

    Hi Tina,

    I awarded your blog with 2 awards! Hope you like it…

    Love, Betsy.

  18. Tina says:

    Awards! Thank you Betsy!!

  19. *moggit girls says:

    Damn, we hope so!

    Joy and Janet

  20. Vanessa says:

    I may need to pick this up. My mom used to read it and I always thought it was for an “older” crowd. Looks like they are going in a hipper direction.

    If they could combine Budget Living, Domino and Blueprint into one magazine it would be heaven…

  21. kerri j. says:

    After reading this, I will definitely pick up House Beautiful when I make a run to the store. I miss Domino already, but it’s time to search for a new love, I guess.

  22. candi says:

    Beautiful images! I will have to pick up House Beautiful soon. Are you a fan of Traditional Home? That’s a great one as well.

  23. Averill says:

    I am really digging House Beautiful lately; in fact, I just subscribed. And yes, I was so thrilled they featured some Etsy artists this month!

  24. mln says:

    this is really promising! I hope to see HB get a bit hipper.

  25. Max says:

    That couch is amazing. I love everything about it and I wish it was mine!

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