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For the record: I don’t have anything against heels. I think they’re beautiful — some of the most beautiful shoes that I own. But no matter what my plans are to wear them, I always end up tossing them off at the last minute to put on one of my beloved pairs of flats. It’s become an ongoing joke with one of my girlfriends: she teases me that I should start the society of girls in flats.

So yesterday morning on Facebook, I decided to do just that. So here we are: the International Society of Girls in Flats. It’s official! Within a day, more than 100 lovely women have joined. I’m so pleased. We’re going to have our annual summit during the summer sale at the Emma Hope store in Notting Hill (Ha! I so hope!). Do you want to join? It’s just for fun. Because life is too short to spend it on heels.


PS: It’s easy to sign up, especially if you’re already a member of Facebook!

Here’s the link: the International Society of Girls in Flats.

(PS: Photos from here.)

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  1. haha I want to join! But I wear heels every day! Can I start the International Society of Girls in Heels? We won’t be your groups enemies, just their counterparts!

  2. oooh I do love Emma Hope shoes. I think I clipped some images of her shoes years ago and put them in my clipping archives.

    I can’t wear heels, and flats are too flat so I have to wear Birkies or Earth Shoes – Yes they still do make them.

    This is what I can be seen in when the snow is gone.

  3. How wonderful! An adorable name and concept. I’d love to join, but I’m not on Facebook. Might I be an honorary member? First, I need to find a few new pairs of flats for this spring and summer. I’m still sporting my cowboy boots because the weather’s been unpredictable. But I want to find the most comfortable and chic flats around … any suggestions in particular?

  4. Hah! A woman after my own heart.

    You know, my French grandmother – who was (and still is,even posthumously) famous for her style, both sartorial and decorative – absolutely refused on principal to wear heels. In an era when pumps were de rigeur, she wore only flats and espadrilles.

    My own reasons are less aesthetic…I am a walker. I love to move. When I lived in NYC I used to walk up and down the island from top to bottom, sometimes several times a day. I am not comfortable in heels. Also, I am just shy of six feet tall with size 11 feet. Honkers! Even the loveliest and most graceful of high heeled shoes looks like an oceanliner in size 11, trust me.

    I actually like my feet. And my feet like to wear flats.

  5. This is absolutely great idea! I thought I was the only one who bought heels for their beauty and always ends up kicking them off for her trusty ballet pumps or flat slouchy boots!! I don’t think I’ve developed the right muscles to walk in heels…and I certainly can’t dance in them!!! I think a good pair of flats is so cute…you have a great concept here ;)x

  6. Yay! I love flats and of course jumped to join your group on FB!! I would so be up for an annual summit in Notting Hill! :-)

  7. Since I never been a stiletto girl (too impractical + I cannot walk on those), I am happy to join the group. Great idea!

  8. Remember espadrilles?

    My bff just moved to Notting Hill.

    Gotta love those “international societies” 😉

  9. oh man, being five foot ten, flats might just be my best friend! what beautiful photos–you always have the most beautiful photos!

  10. ahh! i love flats! especially since i’m a bunch taller than all of my friends, wearing flats keeps me comfy and keeps me from having to literally look down on my friends… haha. i joined your group (:

  11. i’ve been a diehard lover of heels until recently – my husband is shorter than me and now i’m knocked up! that combo has led me on a search for my inner flat loving self. perhaps the society can help me?