…He was a Parisian photographer who loved….


…the feminine form…
…He was most know for this amazing photo…

ysl mesh back dress by jeanloup sieff

….that defined his style.

My favorite Jeanloup Sieff photo is the top one, taken in Palm Beach in 1964 for Harper’s Bazaar. I’ve often wondered: What does that beautiful woman think of that guy?

What do you think?

Sieff died in 2000, but his estate maintains a wonderful website in his name. Browse through all the gorgeous photos {here}.


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  1. The beautiful woman is intrigued by the dashing man, yet guarded, as her instincts tell her he is a scoundrel. These photographs are beautiful. I just lost myself in the Jeanloup site for half an hour.

    P.S. I would feel honored if you would consider adding me to your blogroll, Tina!

  2. “You seem so cool and unaffected, but I can feel your heart beating”.

    Stunning photos!

  3. English Muse..

    I like the leg and corset picture…that give me inspiration!!
    thank you for your sharing!!!

  4. “Are you serious? I merely asked for a light. I know all about you, wicked boy.”

    Yes, I’m in jaded mood, full-stop. But I also appreciate the photos post. When seeing his name I always think: wolf, indeed! :)

    xo, svs

  5. thank you for this post. truly beautiful photography! i’ve just blogged about them on my blog [and linked yours of course :]

  6. he was one of my favorites!! I have the image of the model drinking coffee while on a break from shooting, hanging on my wall;-)
    I will post it on my blog


  7. I too LOVE this first photo and must re-post it!! I'm just mad about it. Thank you Tina! oxo

  8. I love modern technology! I Googled Sieff Jeanloup Corset and found this blog. I am trying to find the outfit (as close as I can to it) in the black corset photo… I love your blog!