I love these old Life photos. The portrait, above, is pure Monroe. Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt shot rolls of film of the star on a sunlit patio at her Hollywood home in 1953. Most of the photos are glamour pics.
But this one…

…seems to capture a real sadness. It struck me.


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  1. You really can! I can see a pleading in her eyes. A resignation to the life she led.

    I remember hearing an interview of someone who attended drama classes with her. Apparently the real Marilyn was very shy & withdrawn…

    Her facade was her success, I suppose it was her demise too.

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  3. Hi there,

    She is absolutely beautiful even in her "sadness". I am fascinated by her & the stories of her! Got a photo of her on my blog. She is a beautiful "flower".
    Thanx for sharing! Have a fabulous day!

  4. Hello! Thank you for the kind words…I’m so glad you are happy with your earrings…and the Oscars, WOW! I love your blog, and these Monroe pictures particularly struck me. I have admired her since junior high and now I think I’m going to dig out all my old saved photos and books. Have a lovely day! :)

  5. I think there’s a real intelligence in that second portrait and, somehow, the sadness is the result of how that quality was discounted and overlooked by those around her. I’m not an expert on her biography, but it seems to me that what she lacked was somebody who appreciated her for the person she was rather than the symbol she’d become. I think we all want and deserve that.

  6. I’ve always loved her. Gorgeous photos!
    I love your blog. I’ve added you to my blogs love list!

  7. The sadness sublimes her beauty in these photos – she is stunning beyond words – not all photos of her as she really was…
    Love your blog :)