I’m still gathering plates from thrift stores for my plate wall. I found another photo for inspiration on lovely Charlie’s Design Diary. These are all Marimekko plates. What do you think? I love the black flower…


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  1. I love this!!! When I see hangings like this I always hold on to them, because if I was facing a blank wall I would never come up with such creative configurations!

  2. Fantastic look. I thought a wall of clocks is great but this is even better (and quite likely, cheaper!)

  3. I’m so impressed that you were able to find these gorgeous plates at thrift stores … every time I look, all I find is a bunch of chipped boringware. Do you have a secret?

  4. Loooove marimekko patterns. My mum was a Marimekko addict when I was little, and I have (to pass down to our daughter) some lovely ’60s Marimekko kids clothing from my own babyhood. Gotta post that one of these days!

  5. I love that wall! I buy a plate every time I go to Anthropology. I like to eat off pretty plates, but I’m seriously thinking about a plate wall now.


  6. I really love your space, Tina.
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  7. The black flower is the obvious star, but I think the arrangement of an excellent collection is a little clunky. . .It’s needs to be dynamic and unresolved, which is what this arranger was going for, but didn’t quite achieve. I love this discussion. Plate walls are so under-appreciated and such a wonderful way to express a personal sensibility that’s wholly contemporary and affectionate toward tradition.

  8. LOVE these. The fun Marimekko patterns really make a very traditional decorating trick (i.e., the plate wall) fresh and modern.

  9. I adore these, especially with the black and white tablecloth.

    What a great idea…a plate wall. Will they need to be dusted often? That’s sometimes a deal breaker for me. :)

    Maybe you can post a picture of yours when it’s finished!

  10. This image is in my inspiration folder too, I never thought I’d love plates on walls, but I’m TOTALLY infatuated. I love this arrangement too, my efforts at haphazard never look quite so graceful! 😀

  11. i love these plate walls. I have been collecting different plates from opshops..but i use them as my dinner set

  12. Tina, Thank you so much for the mention! I adore that photo, the composition of the plates against a bright white wall, the red chair peeking from behind that awesomely retro black and white fabric used as a tablecloth is marvelous. So pleased you liked it. I’ll pass your details to the people at Marimekko, they will love your post!

  13. What a super idea! I have a birdhouse wall on one side of my storage shed at the lake plus a series of cups/saucers hanging under my kitchen cupboards but your plate wall – I love it! The black elements make it very dramatic.

  14. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing pretty plate walls. Thanks for the inspiration!