John Rawlings

I love these old Vogue photos…

John Rawlings

Taken by the amazing John Rawlings…
kate 026

He defined 1950’s chic, don’t you think?

My daughter and I spent the afternoon visiting a few of our favorite thrift stores. I found an old book of fashion photography. Rawlings’ legendary photos are always the ones I love the most…


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  1. I wish they would come up with a Pilates exercise that I could do while sitting on the couch with my laptop! that would be the ultimate multi-tasking!

  2. How lucky for you to find this book! I love old fashion photography, paritcularly Cecil Beaton, Frank Horvat and Rawlings. I might be completely off here and it is totally subjective, but the atmosphere in Rawlings’ photos reminds me an awful lot of Angus McBean’s work. There is a similar surreal (almost unreal) quality in Rowling’s work, but much more watered down than in Angus McBean’s. It’s more pretty, more approachable, but with an obvious attempt at making the subject he’s photographing divine and unusual and something to worship. Shoes and dresses like movie stars, need to be adored!

  3. i LOVE finding great books in thrift stores. that is what i do two out four saturdays with my kids and husband.

  4. Let me tell you I just love your blog! Very inspiring, especially the decorating pictures :) Anyway, I linked you on my blog! If you are considering to put another abroad blog to your links, please think about mine, the blog of a girl in Belgium (you know which country that is? It’s in Europe 😉 but it seems to be very unknown). Anyway, I’ll keep on reading!

  5. Grazie, bella, for the sweet mention in the right sidebar.

    Glad you had a good go at the markets & found the book. Look forward to seeing more shots from it. I nearly jumped out of my skin at first glance, though…the first one could be my mother.

    As for Sarah, I know where Belgium is & I will most certainly pay you a virtual visit next week. Now I'm going to think of moules & frites all evening!

    Fun news about Kirtsy. Tried to leave comment (especially as I am one of the early members of zee Society) but I have to register first & will do so, but goodness, the time it takes on dial-up. I think perhaps I ought to post on "trying to be elegant with dial-up." But it's impossible!

    xo to all…Susan & Julie the Cat (no matter how dumb, I had to put that in as I feel guilty. She cries when I go to the computer now. She sleeps in the chair to prevent me from siting down to go online. I am a bad cat-mum.)

  6. what a great find and I want so much when I photograph people do some poses like these. so elegant.

  7. Vogue photos are legendary in their beauty – check out Horst P Horst, he does some amazing stuff, and is my favourite photographer.

  8. it’s me again…I’m so glad we found each other…Lurrrve your blog as well! ~cheers* shall we!