Viewfinder Flowers

Here’s a picture I took of the dried hydrangeas in a vase on my dining room table. I love viewfinder photos, but mine usually don’t work out. I was so happy that this one did. Wanted to share it with you. Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday.


7 Comments on Viewfinder Flowers

  1. Your home must be filled with flowers, fresh an dried. I think it’s lovley to allow the lovely ones to dry. . .a memory of their season kept close to the heart. Did your ever press flowers as a girl? I have ginko leaves, which I dearly love, pressed between the pages of favorite poetry books.

  2. You must write something on your slection of vases. Everytime you do a flower post, I notice how wonderful your containers are. . .so stylish and right for each blossom. How have you built your collection?

  3. Gorgeous. I’ve been thinking of hydrangeas lately. If I had to pick one favorite flower that would be on my short list!

    What’s a viewfinder photo? I like it; how does it work?

  4. hello! thank you!
    The picture was taken with a regular digital camera looking down through the viewfinder of a vintage brownie camera.

    photographer val cox explains the process so beautifully on her blog. She’s even built a contraption that makes the process easier…

  5. Thank you Ms. Wanderer! Doesn’t compare to the gorgeous photos on your site tho!! You awe and inspire me everyday!!! I hope you’re little Q is feeling better! xoxo