Hello everyone. I’m so busy today, running from one event to the next. There’s a conference here this week of African first ladies. The gorgeous actress Maria Bello helped kick off the festivities this morning. She’s such beautiful person — inside and out. Here’s a story I wrote about her last week. Check it out if you have a chance! Hope you’re all having a lovely Monday!


16 Comments on Bella Ms. Bello

  1. It sure is a great shot. And she’s so terrific. Lots of help with African issues (as you note). xo Susan

  2. this is such a major important event, loved your article. and really love maria bello, she has such beautifully calm, inteligent and reasuring feel about her.

  3. When beauty and conscience combine, the impact really is quite striking. Thanks for showing both sides of her.

  4. I’ve always thought Maria Bello was a great actress…it must be cool to rub elbows with the stars in a way that allows them to be passionate about something important to them!

  5. Wow, great article Tina! How inspiring that Maria Bello is both an wonderful actor, and also a human rights activist, especially for women. She is brave.

    Thank you – Tina, for writing your great “Cause Celebre” articles that inspire such positive change!