I can’t believe it’s friday already. This week was a blur with work. What are you doing this weekend? My plan: Sleep! (And get my hair done..)

Photos by Camilla Åkrans.


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  1. I love first one really outstanding focus and I wish you have a happy weekend.
    I just joined your blog follower.
    I hope you also become my blog follower too. Please!!

  2. I am really pleasure you joined my blog follower.
    I must explain that my english is very poor.
    I will try to write more.
    thank you very very much!!

  3. love the pics. makes me miss the beach! probably a little relaxing with the fam…or maybe an adventure or two.

  4. sleep well i’d wish, and when you get up you could comment on my posts with refreshed mind !

  5. wow to your photos! they are so lulling…

    my weekend: reading, garage sale shopping, selling at the big bizarre flea market on Sunday…maybe a little red wine in between…

    enjoy your time…happy weekend!

  6. Fabulous weekend as well! Tina, you are just too amazzzing…will check out MsMuse for sure darling…where do you get the time 😉 I barely can post daily haha*

  7. Happy weekend to you and the family!! Helped move a son yesterday, so we are hoping to picnic on our fav bench on the Charles..Great sunsets!!

  8. these photos look so… warm. i love them (:
    and i also plan to get my hair cut this weekend, what a coincidence (: haha

  9. Great pics as ever. Typical weekend here in rural England. I am mostly… sitting at a pine table, editing a novel and watching my husband mow the grass and weed the borders with the wind blowing his hair and a sheep-covered hill behind him. Tomorrow we’ll sow some cottage garden seeds – cornflowers and the like – and eat something roasted.

    Later I plan to have a camomile bath. Ingredients: one bath, nine camomile tea bags, one me.


  10. Don’t let the hairdresser convince you that you need a haircut! Remember – Bardot!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  11. Great photos!
    This weekend I’m going to do homework, sleep, and paint….and maybe take a bubble bath!

  12. Happy weekend, those pictures are lovely. I have three birthdays, studying and work to do this weekend. But right now I’m lounging in bed so all is good.
    Enjoy getting your hair done.

  13. Ah, your sounds lovely. Motherhood, however, precludes that kind of weekend.
    My plan? Work, work, work…and pray for long naps (her, not me)!

    Love the colors…sunshine colors!

  14. Oh my darling Ms. Wanderer!
    I’m a mother too you know! the difference is my daughter is nearly 11 while yours is two…
    You don’t get to sleep for the first five years!

  15. too funny that she’s reading woody allen. i read Side Effects, Without Feathers and Getting Even years ago–HILARIOUS!

  16. I just love that second photo, it look vintage, like early 60s, but kind of not, is it? Whichever the case, I love the saturation on those colors!