Apr 15, 2009

by English Muse


…It would have to be yellow…

Reminds me of this song: Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you…

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UPDATE! This comment from the lovely Ms Reread made me laugh: “Love that colour, especially when it’s light and creamy like lemon gelati … but Chris Martin makes me want to stick a fork in my eye.”

What is it about Chris Martin? Either love him or hate him?! I think he’s a hot-tie!



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55 Responses to “If happiness had a color…”

  1. trishiekoh says:

    You are absolutely right! yellow is so cheerful. I love these pictures 🙂

  2. Alley says:

    I love yellow 🙂

    ps – if you have the chance, please check out my collaborative blog collision (http://arts-collision.blogspot.com). your opinion would mean a lot!

  3. Brian Miller says:

    love the pics. especially the door and falling petals. and of course coldplay is icing on the cake.

  4. Bambola says:

    Yes. But of COURSE!! It’s one of those colours that just makes you smile.

  5. REread says:

    love that colour, especially when it’s light and creamy like lemon gelati … but Chris Martin makes me want to stick a fork in my eye

  6. Tina Tarnoff says:

    I love the song Yellow, and also think that Chris Martin is funny, quirky and completely his own. I also promised myself that this year I would wear more yellow, but try not to look like a giant Mayer lemon. ‘t was one of my New Year’s Resolutions. Have yet to accomplish that. But I do like yellow – husband and I saw some marvelous vintage cars today, and the best looking ones, I think one was Pierce Artrow, was yellow. God, that was a sunny and bright beauty! I am all for yellow, I just have to learn how to start loving it.

  7. Tina Tarnoff says:

    I want to drink a lot of bubbly and dance all night. And have sore feet sometime tomorrow afternoon, because dancing would go on untill then. How decadent. If that’s how discussing yellow makes me feel, I LOVE yellow!

  8. Coricaille says:

    i dont like this color when young, maybe because it feels close to brown or soil or mud…but pretty like it these days…dont know why…bright ones remind me of the warmth of sunshine, creamy ones provoke me to bite…
    PS: my friend bought me a beautiful light yellow umbrella, with large white delicate flowers on it~~ 🙂

  9. Char says:

    I think I remember being a coldplay fan once but then I got bored…..

    Chris is brill but a little full of himself these days, much like his wifie…..

    but I do love some yellow and that does make me happy.

  10. The Wanderers' Daughter says:

    ’tis the season for yellow! I’m wishing for a yellow chiffon frock at the moment.

  11. becka says:

    Haha, REread! Too funny.

    I totally agree (with the yellow love) and love your choice of photos! I want to live in a house with a yellow door.

  12. Anya says:

    Lol! That sounds painful.

    I absolutely love the pictures as well. It’s interesting to see the juxtaposition between the energetic colour of yellow and the serenity of the scenes in the pictures. Just makes you feel ALIVE!! As for Mr. Martin, he’s swell in my opinion. Has one of those unforgettable voices in my life. I won’t deny it. I have a bit of a crush.

  13. mia says:

    I feel like I’ve stumbled into paradise. Your blog is so lovely! Thank you for all this amazing inspiration.

    As for Chris Martin – I like him. In my lonliest hours his music has comforted me.

    Lot’s of Love

  14. faddict says:

    Yellow is my favourite colour! It’s true about Chris Martin, personally I developed a dorky crush on him after I went to a concert, but a lot of my friends can’t stand him…

  15. littlesquidge says:

    I love yellow too, I want a yellow cotton dress for summer.

    And Chris Martin… I liked him when he did ‘Yellow’ and Coldplays first album but after that…too mainstream and bland for me. And all that messages on a hand business, not my bag. But hey I should be proud of a British export I guess…

  16. Rachael Kearley says:

    I love yellow it is such a bright and cheerful colour… so really i guess I only love it when I’m happy but those photos definitely put a smile on my face.
    Thanks for sharing


    SUNNYsideUp please…& freshly squeezed organic OJ! ~XO*2U Tina darling!

  18. nathalie et cetera says:

    yellow is my favorite color!

  19. Geisslein says:

    lovely color…lovely post…and very lovely blog! Sunny (and yellow) greetings from germany, geisslein

  20. Lightning Heart says:

    ohh that picture of the shoes is delightful!
    really nice post :

  21. CM van Schyck says:

    At the exact moment I read the words “look at the stars, look how they shine for you” that part of the song played on my stereo… I’ll assume its some kind of a good omen.

  22. Mary says:

    I love yellow! It makes me sooo happy on this cold morning!

  23. Fidgeting Gidget says:

    Beautiful pics! Thanks for putting the SPRING into my day!

  24. Mrs. Blandings says:

    This is why I can never get enough yellow. You can feel your soul sit up a little bit when you see it.

    And, I like Coldplay, too, a lot (they remind me of my Pink Floyd obsession in youth) but I think they are mauve or grey.

  25. Becca says:

    Yellow is so cheery! It’s one of those colors you can’t help but to smile when you see it! and as for Chris Martin – I like him!

  26. - Renée - says:

    The color yellow brings so much happiness to this world! Imagine the color pallet without yellow.. it would be boring! lol!

    And I like that song 🙂

  27. The Clever Pup says:

    FORK IN MY EYE! that makes me laugh. I think Chris Martin is aging nicely, thank you. He looks better now. I think he’s a funny chap too which is always sexy.

    How could you be miserable going through that door. What a lovely shade of yellow.

  28. VictoriaArt says:

    So many people reading, isn’t it amazing?
    I am still stunned by all the creativity in Bloggerland.
    Yes you are so right,yellow it is. I am a color fanatic so to speak, yellow is so lovely and fresh and … SPRING!

  29. Court says:

    Yellow is so beautiful. And that song is lovely too 😉

  30. kaye says:

    I agree


    the color of peace

    would be


  31. Lisa says:

    Yellow is definitely the happiest color!

  32. A Random Something says:

    Yellow is amazing! The pictures are absolutely marvelous, especially the door! I really enjoyed this post, simple yet elegant. And the song is totally awesome, one of my most favs. As for Chris Martin, great voice and even more amazing display of musical artistry. 🙂

  33. Nostalgic Nosh says:

    Oooh, I want to live at that yellow door-ed cottage!

  34. Tracy Lorna Nors says:

    Ooh i love the yellow door, so inviting. I would love to have a look in there. So happy and uplifting, thank you.

  35. Dionne says:

    I love yellow, it’s so warm and inviting. And I love Coldplay!

  36. Charlotte says:

    Yellow, the color of sunlight and butterscotch sunsets, daffodils in springtime and the blowing leaves in fall, of Sancerre crisp and clean in cristal glasses, of the butter that melts to smooth and enrichen any sauce. . .aw, yellow.

  37. Taylorgotbeats says:

    Its funny how yellow is usually the universal color of the happy emotion

  38. Mag says:


    I like second one picture..
    Yellow is bright color made me happy.
    I have more yellow …..
    such as : shoes, handbag, dress, blouse and woodstock(bird of snoopy’s friend).

  39. giulia says:

    Bella, bella. But of course.

    Though the GG blog's pale yellow background comprises (hugely) the "look" (what look? yes,I tried…:), still glad I kept it. Changed it one day, early on, & went back…I had yellow in mind & that was that. And while I'm not that much of a materialist, I do miss my great yellow Pappagallo slingback flats. I had them repaired over & over but after 15+ years (yes!), they had to be laid to rest. When I wore them, wherever I went in DC, people commented on them (in a nice way). Even men.

    I admit I don't follow Coldplay all that much but I kinda like CM…Julie aka GG has big crush & imagines him as a lanky, off-balance gatto. Again: but of course.


  40. nath says:

    funny how a simple color can sum up spring

  41. Jessie {A Punctuated Life} says:

    You read my mind! I was going to do a post about Yellow today 🙂

  42. farmhouse wares says:

    Yay for yellow. That comment about Chris Martin is priceless.

  43. Dorian says:

    How odd, I just referenced Coldplay in my last post. They just won’t go away!
    These photos are lovely.

  44. K says:

    I agree I agree…. I lurve yellow! Thats why it ended up in my wedding photos. Have a look see.


    I have to agree with Ms Reread on that Chris Martin comment. Ha!

  45. SOL says:

    Love the study in yellow and the song!

  46. vicki archer says:

    Hysterical comment – I never really thought about Chris Martin that much but from now on every time I hear Coldplay I will have a chuckle. Lovely yellow, xv.

  47. Mademoiselle Frou-Frou says:

    i am loving yellow right now – i just bought a bouquet of daffodils for my home, and it just adds the right amount of pizazz!

  48. fric and frac says:

    I love yellow and I love Chris Martin! Although the phrase “stick a fork in my eye” is always funny!

  49. STORY says:

    I love the yellow doorway, and the combination of photos you put together really are nice and thought provoking. The fork in the eye comment cracked me up! I bought myself 3 orchids last week. Orchid no. 2 is yellow with pink petals in the center, very pretty. I could really dig a pale yellow 61 Guilletta. Nothing like a vintage sportscar with the top down to get you ready for summer! Laurie

  50. Micaela says:

    I LOVE CHRIS MARTIN!!! love him, more than the color yellow 🙂 I saw him twice in concert and Coldplay is a spiritual event!!! agreed, HOT HOT HOT!

  51. Kirti says:

    love yellow…LOVE LOVE LOVE Coldplay…one saw the Mrs. Martin closeup…quite pretty!

  52. The Cottage Cheese says:

    Happy yellow! I bought a pair of shoes and a sweater this color a couple of weeks ago. Ever since I did a blog post about an old Maine farmhouse with yellow doors, I’m obsessed with them. Unfortunately, a yellow door wouldn’t work on my current home. One day I will have my yellow door…

    Love Coldplay, Chris is hot!

  53. Moni says:

    Narcissus jonquilla, one of my favourite flowers!
    Remind me spring and freedom from childhood 🙂

  54. A "cheery" disposition says:

    Yellow just brightens up any day.

  55. Sofa Menthol says:

    Y aura t-il cet
    Le drap noué sur
    Les hanches &
    Ondulant sur le sable
    White la chaleur… Oubliée?

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