On the days when I’m at a loss for inspiration, I find it in the photographs of Jeanloup Sieff…


PS: There’s one more over {here}. I couldn’t resist!

Hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday. I’m busy working on my column today. I’ve been closed up in my little office…


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  1. I can see why you find these photos inspiring. They’re all about that essential upward look. Unless you look up, you never have the perspective to see the things around you.

  2. Wow, Charlotte…I never thought of that! I will look up in the future!

    I love all your timeless looks! They make everything seem classier!

  3. Great photography is forever inspiring & so are your 2 fab blogs…

    Tina darling, you are too cute!…so touched by your enthusiasm on My dentist 'saga'…My life is not as exciting as Sidney Sheldon's novel…hee* ~Luv you darling!

  4. Sometimes, when I become tongue tied, and not sure what to write or say what I really want to.( it’s really not like me,) I re-read my favorite blogs, for inspiration. I always come out feeling so much better and focused….
    You, Ms English Muse, Ms. Tarnoff, Ms.Giulia, and several others always seem to put a fluff beneath my wings, and I carry on…Thank you!!!!
    That, to me is what it’s all about. Inspiration… I xoxo it!

  5. They are wonderful, the first one especially. It somehow manages to pull you inside the photo. Feel the hot dry air? The second one, since I’m a bit afraid of heights, makes my knees wobble!

    Can’t wait for your new column!


  6. Those photos are my kind of photos. We have all this fancy stuff now and we are blinded by color.

    Nothing like a good black and white photo with a “real” camera taken by a master.

  7. I am so happy that I get a double dose of the “Muse” now. I wonder if my Dad still has his Super 8 somewhere?

  8. oh cottage cheese, thank you!
    i can’t remember now why i decided to start the other blog now…i must have been insane.

  9. I bought a super 8 for pennies! Very Uber. These photos are so stunning, thanks for the link xoxo

  10. Hi Paresh, i felt so sorry for the cat, i took it down! but, when i saw your comment, i put it back up…its down several posts

  11. Tina,
    Resist the temptation to look up and miss those photos, phew, so glad I stopped in, from being chained to my drawing table.
    good luck working on your coloumn, and hope you are closed up in your little office in a lovely way this wednesday.