I’ve been meaning to show this to you. It’s a little nest I found in one of my climbing rose bushes this winter. It was abandoned and empty. I filled it with beads and put it on the fireplace mantel.

Maybe I should have left it in the bush? Would the little birds have come back?


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  1. That’s so cute!

    It’s hard to say if the birds would come back; some return to the same spot and some don’t… Even if they do return, they should be able to build a new one without any trouble.

  2. What a great idea to use it as a decor…don’t worry about the little birds, i’m sure they’ll just build a new nest!

  3. It is my opinion, that we (as humans) should let nature run it’s course…regardless of the joy and beauty we find in other species

  4. So pretty, and I think they’ll just build a new one if they return I wouldn’t worry about it too much, besides I’m sure it looks gorgeous on your mantel.

  5. That looks beautiful – I have a nest in my cyprus tree, outside the sitting room, filled with two babies – so sweet. I think once they have flown away that’s it – I might rescue my nest too,xv

  6. I had one that looks very similar to thaton my mantelpiece back in Australia. I too wondered about the birds, but I do believe that they would like to build a new one for the new season. It is how they fill their days and prepare for their new family.
    I kept painted eggs in mine and dried rose buds.
    I also had on one a pot outside, next to the front door and people would sometimes leave me notes and flowers. So lucky!

  7. as cool as it is, prob would have left it. a house (or nest) seems so empty without its inhabitants

  8. This is lovely and the photo looks beautiful! I posted your order yesterday, by the way. Thanks for shopping!

  9. They might come back, but even if they do they will build again. They might like he opportunity to change a few things anyway.

  10. What a sweet idea! There’s a little nest in the top of a neighbor’s fruit tree that I see every time I come back from a stroll, and it just makes me smile.

  11. Hi Ms. Outlaw:) I just read about this subject last week in the Washington Post (I think) garden section. In this area (anyway), a legal no-no. I'm glad I read that because I see a lovely finches nest from last year just within reach…

    Sometimes they use materials (little bricoleuses:) We're supposed to leave them in-situ. We won't turn you in…do you remember what kind of birds were there? You might hear a peck on the front door, open it, & come face to face with a peeved chick with a feather on her hip…

    Lovely photo. xo Susan/GG

  12. This is adorable, and they’d be so glad to see you enjoying it.
    Have a lovely, fun weekend!

  13. Really!? There’s a law against disturbing little chippy bird nests? i could understand if it was an eagle nest or a nest of one of those ugly california condors.

    wow! i’m a law breaker! If I get arrested I can blog from prison.

  14. Look at her! She’s excited about Musings from the Big Birdhouse. Laughing out loud, I am. Some sort of law thingy here in DC-area. I think. Sort of. Notice grammatically-challenged conditional verbiage. You crack me up. The computer is ready to bleep again so I can’t get to the link.

    You could use that “Diana Vreeland” embroidered bird I liked so much as the logo. Big Tina in the Big Birdhouse Blog.

    You nut!

    xoxo, Susan/GG

  15. If they wouldn’t let me blog in prison, I would have to send out notes by courier pigeon. Although that might be against the law now too!

  16. a beautiful find – I always worry about bringing things in like this because I’m scared of bugs.

  17. i was tempted to grab a tiny little nest i spotted dangling from an ever so thin branch hanging out over the street yesterday on my morning walk. i swear if i was a bit taller i might have..or at least peeked :)

  18. Stunning! That’s so cute, I think when birds fly they’re gone for good, I’m not an expert xoxo

  19. birdies don’t ever live in the same nest. at the very most they recycle the twigs for the new one. we had a nest within hand’s distance of our window and it has been slowly taken apart by magpies, pigeons, crows and even seagulls! don’t worry little lady.


  20. Since going off to college, i spend far less time in backyards and in nature so I have not found a nest in years. I miss it! they are so beautiful and delicate!