Apr 24, 2009

by English Muse

I’ve been meaning to show this to you. It’s a little nest I found in one of my climbing rose bushes this winter. It was abandoned and empty. I filled it with beads and put it on the fireplace mantel.

Maybe I should have left it in the bush? Would the little birds have come back?


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29 Responses to “Nest”

  1. theozoologie says:

    That’s so cute!

    It’s hard to say if the birds would come back; some return to the same spot and some don’t… Even if they do return, they should be able to build a new one without any trouble.

  2. Jane Flanagan says:

    So pretty. I don’t know if they return?

  3. trishiekoh says:

    What a great idea to use it as a decor…don’t worry about the little birds, i’m sure they’ll just build a new nest!

  4. Kay says:

    It is my opinion, that we (as humans) should let nature run it’s course…regardless of the joy and beauty we find in other species

  5. Miranda says:

    Such comfort in the whole idea of a nest. . .no sharp corners or angles to wound.

  6. Rachael Kearley says:

    So pretty, and I think they’ll just build a new one if they return I wouldn’t worry about it too much, besides I’m sure it looks gorgeous on your mantel.

  7. vicki archer says:

    That looks beautiful – I have a nest in my cyprus tree, outside the sitting room, filled with two babies – so sweet. I think once they have flown away that’s it – I might rescue my nest too,xv

  8. Lala Orange says:

    beautiful! x


    So Charming Tina! Nature is always so amazing… ~XO*

  10. Amber says:

    I had one that looks very similar to thaton my mantelpiece back in Australia. I too wondered about the birds, but I do believe that they would like to build a new one for the new season. It is how they fill their days and prepare for their new family.
    I kept painted eggs in mine and dried rose buds.
    I also had on one a pot outside, next to the front door and people would sometimes leave me notes and flowers. So lucky!

  11. Brian Miller says:

    as cool as it is, prob would have left it. a house (or nest) seems so empty without its inhabitants

  12. Lynne says:

    This is lovely and the photo looks beautiful! I posted your order yesterday, by the way. Thanks for shopping!

  13. Mr.Style says:

    It is small but exquisite!
    Is it the Bird’s nest in Beijing?

  14. Mrs. Blandings says:

    They might come back, but even if they do they will build again. They might like he opportunity to change a few things anyway.

  15. Caroline @ patagonia gifts says:

    so sweet! have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Joanna Goddard says:

    oh my goodness, so sweet! i cna’t believe it’s a real nest!

  17. The Wanderers' Daughter says:

    What a sweet idea! There’s a little nest in the top of a neighbor’s fruit tree that I see every time I come back from a stroll, and it just makes me smile.

  18. giulia says:

    Hi Ms. Outlaw:) I just read about this subject last week in the Washington Post (I think) garden section. In this area (anyway), a legal no-no. I'm glad I read that because I see a lovely finches nest from last year just within reach…

    Sometimes they use materials (little bricoleuses:) We're supposed to leave them in-situ. We won't turn you in…do you remember what kind of birds were there? You might hear a peck on the front door, open it, & come face to face with a peeved chick with a feather on her hip…

    Lovely photo. xo Susan/GG

  19. Penney says:

    This is adorable, and they’d be so glad to see you enjoying it.
    Have a lovely, fun weekend!

  20. Tina says:

    Really!? There’s a law against disturbing little chippy bird nests? i could understand if it was an eagle nest or a nest of one of those ugly california condors.

    wow! i’m a law breaker! If I get arrested I can blog from prison.

  21. giulia says:

    Look at her! She’s excited about Musings from the Big Birdhouse. Laughing out loud, I am. Some sort of law thingy here in DC-area. I think. Sort of. Notice grammatically-challenged conditional verbiage. You crack me up. The computer is ready to bleep again so I can’t get to the link.

    You could use that “Diana Vreeland” embroidered bird I liked so much as the logo. Big Tina in the Big Birdhouse Blog.

    You nut!

    xoxo, Susan/GG

  22. Tina says:

    If they wouldn’t let me blog in prison, I would have to send out notes by courier pigeon. Although that might be against the law now too!

  23. Char says:

    a beautiful find – I always worry about bringing things in like this because I’m scared of bugs.

  24. avant garde says:

    i was tempted to grab a tiny little nest i spotted dangling from an ever so thin branch hanging out over the street yesterday on my morning walk. i swear if i was a bit taller i might have..or at least peeked 🙂

  25. Tina says:

    I hate bugs too. Especially earwigs! Ewww! I find them in my roses…

  26. A little Princess says:

    Stunning! That’s so cute, I think when birds fly they’re gone for good, I’m not an expert xoxo

  27. kerri ní dochartaigh says:

    birdies don’t ever live in the same nest. at the very most they recycle the twigs for the new one. we had a nest within hand’s distance of our window and it has been slowly taken apart by magpies, pigeons, crows and even seagulls! don’t worry little lady.


  28. Phone with a Cord says:

    I think once you touch it they dont come back because of the smell of a human (?)

  29. steviwonderful says:

    Since going off to college, i spend far less time in backyards and in nature so I have not found a nest in years. I miss it! they are so beautiful and delicate!

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