peaceful weekend

I love this photo by Margolove. It’s so calming. Reminds me to breathe. I’m so glad it’s the weekend!

We’re going to the Los Angeles Times Book Fair tomorrow. (We’re also looking for a new couch!) What are you doing??

PS: Margolove has an amazing photostream on flickr, for a little respite.


24 Comments on A Peaceful Weekend

  1. Lovely photo, it oozes freshness and it makes me think of mornings after the heavy rain. And, taking a deep breath, yes.

    Have fun at the book fair and couch hunting! We are going to a big afternoon party. I guess I will have to practice my mingling and small talk tonight – it should be fun. But, I can’t figure out what to wear. What does one wear to an afternoon party? A pink feather boa? A granny dress? A jump suit?


  2. I agree with the pink boa idea! Me: going to a 2 yr olds bday party, then visiting Rs grandparents for an ice-cream social. Sunday have to do a few hours overtime. boo

  3. It will be all art all Saturday for me. It’s Artwalk here in Ventura and then an opening in LA at Gallery 825. A friend and co-worker of mine will be part of a group show there called “More With Less.”

  4. oh i love that! “more with less.” so wish i could come up for the day. i miss ventura! have a wonderful time!

  5. Have a peaceful one Tina! For me I’m partying darling!! I seldom do, but this weekend I shall…woo-hoo*


  6. i do believe i’m in love with that photograph. good luck with finding a couch, a truely good one is hard to find.

  7. Fantastic color tone of the picture.
    you go to book fair at weekend,sound great!!
    I am going to practic yoga at weekend.

  8. Ooh, thanks for the link, I’m totally in love with some of margoloves photographs, stunning. Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

  9. so calming it reminds you to breathe…great thought!

    Went to the lake last night, today we are going to the fair. have a great one!

  10. What a great photo ! But I shouldn’t look at it to long as I’m just waking up and it’s relaxing properties could definitely lull me right back to sleep. I’ll be so happy when the coffee is ready !

    Anyways, enjoy the couch hunting. And don’t forget to post photos of your find.


  11. Great photo! Makes me want to wake up nice and early just to catch some “me time”! How did you get it to come so big on the blog!

  12. I’m finishing up a 1,500 word paper due on Monday. I also have my “Post Secret” internship today and a hot date tonight… woohoo!

  13. Great photo…& I'm just checking email but was lured here. :) I wanted to say I like the new spring green title post/header….good luck with sofa. Book festival sounds marvellous. Over & out to Muse & then outside. ciao-meow

  14. Have a lovely weekend, Tina! Hopefully you’ll share your couch finds?! We have an outdoor weekend planned here (yey).

  15. since i’m resigned from my part-time public library assistant post (start grad school in June), we’re watching cable all day, cooking gorditas, and drinking a drab of tequila to celebrate this beautiful warm rainy day in northeast Texas….

    happy weekend to you!

  16. what a lovely photo!
    i’ll be watching the london marathon and enjoying this beautiful weather :)

  17. I will be at an art festival tomorrow. Done the new couch thing a few months ago! lol Lovely pic

  18. gorgeous shot. today I went with friends to a gardening place that sells vintage and heritage plants and then we had bbq. tonight is a movie with my brother (after I cooked delish spaghetti). tomorrow? wherever the heart leads.

  19. Okay–I’m the lone voice! I find the picture depressing! Reminds me of fall days, after the leaves have fallen but it’s not quite cold enough for the moisture to turn to snow instead of rain. The person walking away reminds me that nice weather is leaving me!

  20. I love the photo, too. With the weekend over, I worked four assignments for my newspaper on Saturday and took a day fishing trip on our boat on Sunday, feeling guilty because I had so much to do.