Hello everyone. I’m running like crazy today! (Sort of like the girl above, but probably not as graceful). There’s so much going on: Bono is in trouble for saying the F-word, Bill Clinton is coming to town, there’s a Congo event tonight, followed by a gala to raise money for women in Afghanistan. And I’m so behind.

I did manage to put up a post on Ms. Muse about Brad Pitt. Check it out if you have a moment. Meanwhile, I’ll meet you back here, late late tonight…

PS: Please visit the sites of my lovely new sponsors (to the left)! I love them!

(The photo above is by Complejo via We Heart It.)


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  1. Oh no….they can’t be mad at my Bono. If you’ve met him, just know I’m insanely jealous. He’s a big hero to me.

  2. nice pic. busy one here as well…Bill was here just the other day…as far as Bono…seriously?

  3. I can’t believe BONO is your area. As for Bill Clinton – living in D.C we get government rocks stars all the time. Including the white house occupants. Lovely picture by the way!


    Sam @PrettyLovely

  4. the paris house will definately be checking in late tonight to see what fabulous things you are up to!

  5. Your life sounds incredible! I’m a Communications major in Massachusetts and I am dying to move out to Southern California and dying to earn myself an incredible career like yours :)! LA Times must be exciting! They must have internships.. (*light bulb)

  6. I’m seeing Clinton speak at our annual ACC event this week. Last year was Tony Blair (much preferred!); not a bad dinner and speaker, though.


  7. charming post and photo…remember to take a moment for yourself…running does keep you young though…

  8. Running makes everybody graceful and feeling young is somewhat a mental set up and nothing to with age and physical strength.So you are so busy to-day for noble cause. It is nice.

  9. I’m amazed at what you do!! You find time to do it all and have your family under control!! You are amazing Tina!
    Does it rub off in blogging? Ha!
    Can’t wait to read your next posting…..

  10. Hope you weren’t wearing 5″ heels darling! Check out what I have on my side bar okie…just because… ~XO*

  11. Am I the only one who thinks that Tony Blair sounds just like C-3PO? Do you get to meet Bill? I would love to meet him. He has his faults, but the man is brilliant.

  12. Tina does a great job & it's a high-wire act like all of these gigs.

    This is a little unsolicited public service announcement. Internships? Anyone who reads this & feels similarly, please check out what's going on at the LA Times (& elsewhere). I don't think you know…& you should.

    At least go to in your city & LA,NY, DC….you gotta face it & decide how to proceed.

    Good luck & good night. Seriously & sincerely meant.

  13. Tina, where are you! I miss you!:)

    Hope you managed to catch up with everything. I think you might need some cotton candy or some cat love to decompress from it all. You are a super woman!


  14. Busy busy busy. Make sure you take some time out to have a nice cup of coffee and read a good book.

  15. please give a kiss to Bono for me 😉 i was *THIS* close to naming my new puppy Bono. LOVE HIM!!!

    headed over to read about ooh la la Brad Pitt! yay!!!

    grab your pair of flats (you society holder you!) and hopefully, you can take a lux bubble bath after being such a busy bee. xo

  16. Love love love your blog ! so many inspirations i can get :))
    j’adore !!
    i will add you on my links for sure !
    bon dimanche !
    boubou xx