saturday cloudssaturday cloudssaturday cloudssaturday clouds
…turn to blue skies. The perfect weather for shopping for a new couch — at Ikea!

Hope you’re having a lovely day.


13 Comments on Saturday Clouds

  1. oh…also blue sky on Saturday!!
    great!! I brought my camera to take more picture today.enjoyable!!!
    I wish you have a nice day!!

  2. Clouds as always interesting, I could watch them for ages! Ikea is pretty cool, too… Enjoy the lovely weather :)

  3. Those beautiful skies make me think of day dreaming as a child. I’d lay on my back in the yard and look up, just wishing I could just lift my arms and fly up to touch the sky.

  4. hope you found a beauty – these are gorgeous fluffy puffballs that make me want to float away.

  5. very cool cloud pics! if you are going to buy a couch, IKEA is a happenin’ place. hope shopping went well.