Apr 30, 2009

by English Muse

Hello everyone! I’m very happy to announce this Thursday Giveaway: a lovely plaque painted by the fantastic San Francisco artist Lisa Romero at Paper Bullet. Lisa specializes in turning found objects into fantastic art with colorful acrylics. I love this piece. So very cute.

To enter to win this little plaque, please leave a comment here anytime today (Thursday). Also visit Lisa’s Paper Bullet Etsy store!

The winner will be announced on Friday morning. Good luck darlings!

UPDATE!!! AND THE WINNER IS…..DISGRUNTLED CUSTOMER!!! (I hope she will not be disgruntled about winning the prize). Thank you all for entering. There will be another fabulous giveaway next Thursday!!


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58 Responses to “Thursday Giveaway!”

  1. Erimentha says:

    pick me! =)

  2. madame chocolat says:

    no, pick me!
    🙂 j’adore!

  3. PepeB says:

    It looks nice – what found object was the basis for this?

  4. LottieB says:

    Lovely! please may I enter? x

  5. melissa in wonderland says:

    oh, it’s darling!

  6. Brian Miller says:

    very cool. love the simplistic detail and colors. nice texture on the face.

  7. Penney says:

    I xoxo this! The colors…and that sweet little face…

  8. Henri Loves... says:

    Good Morning Muse, I am up early on West Coast time, 5am. What a great give away…sign me up.

  9. The Cottage Cheese says:

    Tina, you are too good to us. This little lady would look great in my home office/studio.

  10. Kerry says:

    She would look so perfect on my bedroom walls. The color? Summer Dragonfly. So serene.

  11. laydeedancer says:

    Aww…how cute! Please pick me – I’d love to put this in my daughter’s room. It’s so whimsical and dreamlike.
    I am not above begging!

  12. Paresh says:

    i can see its created with a heart !

  13. Sarah Jean says:

    I love it! Your blog was advertised on the side of my facebook…I’m so glad I found it! Thanks for sharing your little style insights.

  14. Sarah Jean says:

    It is so sweet!

  15. meandering pearl says:

    hello! & smiles from Australia

  16. The Beauty File says:

    So pretty!! Love the colors and design.

  17. carina says:

    love all her work, great giveaway!

  18. A little Princess says:

    How pretty and summery! Kisses xoxo

  19. STORY says:

    What a sweet housewarming gift this would make – heart and home. Or, would look dang cute on/in my cabin – 🙂

  20. Poetikat says:

    Really cute. I know someone who would just love it!


  21. ks says:

    i really want this object to find ME…

  22. Señorita Andalucíana says:

    It’s mine! Please! It’s so cute!

  23. Chelsea says:

    very cute!

  24. Allison Roach says:

    how fun! it’s like a painting of a little girl staring at you from a porthole. it would really match the color scheme in my depressingly bare bedroom.

    if not me, though, i hope the little girl’s room gets to be graced with its presence!

  25. Rachel says:

    no, no, PICK ME! Either way, I love your site and check it daily for inspiration.

  26. miss_liddy says:

    love this!

  27. Sydney says:

    I’d love to win this, I also love her Neon Funky Flowers and a Ladybug Painting on Vintage Ceiling Tin Tile that she has in her shop. She has such a fun style to her artwork.


  28. Becca says:

    she is too cute!!! I would love to show her off! 🙂

  29. Susan says:

    [sound of sports-type whistle…}:

    Ladies & Gentlemen!

    As one of the proud holders of the Jane Austen Diverting Blog Award (all 5 million or so), I must urge you to calm down. One does not beg for things; especially, for what one assumes is a random drawing. Unseemly!

    That's better. (See, Tina, no one will notice what one writes on a blog when there's a giveaway!)

    It's nice to know about one more person engaged fruitfully in the art of bricolage. Paper Bullet is a lovely shop.

    Must lie down & recover from this shocking display of, well, let's be kind & say, "unbridled enthusiasm."

    Good luck to you all.

  30. pve design says:

    Promise to give this little lady the love and respect she deserves! 🙂

  31. Tina Tarnoff says:

    So cute – I know she’s smiling at ME! xoxo

  32. inkstainedwretch says:

    I’ll just say:
    I’d come to your page, giveaway or not. Who needs a bribe to visit you?

  33. Mallory says:

    i love paper bullet! so lovely.

  34. Lilith says:

    Oooh, this is so lovely!

  35. Disgruntled Customer says:

    I just discovered your blog this morning, and I think I’m in love!

  36. GM says:

    So adorable. I want it!

  37. Rebecca says:

    what great colors…ahhhh…and her eyes! what is the found object on which this little face is painted?

  38. Mary says:

    would look good here in Scotland to cheer me up in the rainy rainy weather! Going to check out the site.

  39. Megan says:

    Thanks for this great giveaway!


  40. Sam says:

    Such lovely colors – would look truly beautiful in my tiny apartment. Cheery.


    Sam @PrettyLovely

  41. tarah says:

    Love Lisa’s work! Keep it up girl!

  42. missie bickel says:

    tres cute!!! gotta have this!

  43. Viewtiful_Justin says:

    Oh, it’s so cute!

  44. Laura Trevey says:

    how cute is that???

  45. Daft-Knee says:

    so cuteeee!!!!
    pick me!

  46. Nicole says:

    Oh how cute!!!

  47. smile steady says:

    What a colorful little lady… sign me up!

  48. lbwDESIGN says:

    yay…this is fun!! i love contests.

  49. Ali says:

    Beautiful. Love it! Would love it even more if I owned it! 😉


  50. Funky Finds says:

    I’d love to win that happy piece! Jessica D. info(at)funkyfinds(dot)us

  51. Amy says:

    Love, love her etsy store! Hope I win this darling plaque!

  52. umama says:

    adorable :0)

  53. micaela6955/Michele P. says:

    this is so cute! I would love to put this adorable plaque in my daughter’s room!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  54. akka b. says:

    Freckles and Pomegranate Cheeks

  55. puglyfeet says:

    Please sign me up! Hope you had a wonderful Thursday, Ms. Muse. 🙂

  56. Jen says:

    ok, That is cute. & clever. what a plaque!
    and I am joining in.
    what the heck. Nowhere to run but forward. Hopefully toward delicious things. Love the running photo. You have captured my imagination. absolutely Luvverly.

  57. SHOKOOFEH says:

    😀 I am entered!!!

  58. Marie says:

    Lovely! Please enter me.

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