This makes me smile!


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  1. is this from the movie?
    i love the movie, though it’s in french
    anyway, great blog.

  2. This makes me smile too :-)

    Amelie is the movie I watch for inspiration, magic and smiles. Love it.

  3. Amelie is one of my most favorite movies ever!
    This photo that you have chosen is certainly adorable.

  4. This film changed my life! It is the heart and soul of my creative journey. I know have the pleasure of teaching it to my Literature students. I smile every time I watch it. This image is just stunning.. it has made my day! Thank you xxx

  5. My daughter’s name is “Amelia” and my son named her. I love that movie and her style.

  6. One of my all time favs. :)I’ve owned it for years. The pics made me smile too.

  7. This makes me smile and cry too because I know the movie’s almost over.

    My favourite movie of all time.

  8. That totally made me smile too…she is the epitome of whimsical beauty…love.

  9. This is my favorite movie. I love the beauty and simplicity of it, and the whimsical, sweet romance. LOVE IT!

  10. Just wanted to tell you I chose you for the “Lovely Blog Award”! Love your pictures! Hope you accept!

  11. That really remains one of the best movies, the atmosphere in combination with the music is lovely.

  12. This is one of my favouritest films in the world! I’ve watched it many times and I think the introduction of Amelie as a little girl is my favourite part. quirks and all!

  13. Mee too! I absolutely adore this film!

    Now I have to rent it again… I should probably own it by now. :)

    Missed your blog! I’m back, I think…

  14. this was one of the 1st pix I viewed on your blog way back. I never left! xoxo it so much, you too!

  15. Amelie! I love her smile – so absolutely delightful. I remember how I simply thrived on the emotion this movie evoked in me. I loved that moment while I watched the movie. And that is what I need and want to achive in my life – to love the moments. Your blog makes me love the moment I’m reading it.:) Hope you’re doing all right, Tina. xoxo

  16. Amelie is my favorite movie, hands down! You can’t watch that film and not feel good inside.