As the proud person of two black cats, I love these sketches by Olkazavr, found on flickr. They remind me a little of Peter Alexander’s series on his beloved cat, Romance.

Hope your Tuesday is off to a good start! xoxo


25 Comments on Black Cat, Observed

  1. Love the cat sketches! :)
    Not a good start for the day, but looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. {haa! already gave up on today I guess}

  2. That first drawing is brilliant – cat sitting patiently and curiously in front of closed door. They will open eventually! Have a great day!

  3. Oh i have 2 black and white cats, these are gorgeous, im feeling inspired!!! I love your blog.. superb!!

  4. Love the first one; I’m a sucker for shadows/silhouettes on cardboard: that sort of look!

  5. I miss my black cat sooo very much. Her name is Zinfandel, my favourite dark grape. She is naughty and moody and stubborn, in fact a lot like me!

    Gorgeous paintings. Absolutely captured the cats spirit.

  6. Lovely cats. Almost like they should be a flick book, a different one on the corner of each page…

  7. Ooh, I love these! The mother of a childhood friend of mine back in Woodstock used to do beautiful Japanese brush paintings and ink line drawings of her cats. She was one of the few in the artists’ colony at that point who did not work as a practicing artist – it was just a hobby for her, but they were so beautiful.

  8. I think I love anything with a cat on it. These are great and your blog is lovely!

  9. One does not own a black cat, but only enjoys a relationship with these special magical beings. These drawings are wonderfully evocative.

  10. oooohhh so lovely! I adore black cats. I have one! call me a witch?

  11. Hello English Muse! It’s nice to see my cat’s sketches and all the feedback here, thank you! I like your blog notes