chris beetles

I would love to be in London this week…


For the last few days of the Cecil Beaton exhibit
at the Chris Beetles Art Gallery


The retrospective features 64 images that cover more than 40 years of Beaton’s career. It would be so lovely to see the exhibit and then head over to the Tea Palace in Notting Hill for tea, don’t you think?

(PS: The third photo is my favorite. Can you imagine the caption: “Dear, I found the most fabulous little fixer-upper for us!”)

More on Chris Beetles website.


13 Comments on Cecil Beaton

  1. Beaton is fabulous and I’ll bet you’d have all sorts of ideas on what to do with that fixer!

  2. Those B&W photos – so wonderfully composed and photographed – really amazing. And, I'm gunnin' for the fixer-upper for sure! :_-)

  3. yes, I’d love to see it and then head over to the Tea Palace! wow! such an amazing program!

  4. What gorgeous shots. That first one – such a beautiful face and simple composition to frame it.

  5. you are makig me so nostalgic! I love the third photo and even more your caption. I can imagine the absolute terror on husband’s face – I’ve seen it many times:)! xoxo

  6. Ok, you have convinced me – I am ready to fly over the pond and be charmed and have a fabulous cup of tea – the tea Palace no less.
    Indeed the last image is a classic !
    Sign me up for the field trip.

  7. Great pics !
    I would also love to be in London this week but it’s only in my dreams …

  8. Thank you for introducing me to Beaton’s work! Oh, to see that beautiful exhibit in person. When shall we leave?

  9. Well, I live in London but this is the first time i’ve heard of Cecil Beaton! From what you have here though, I may just pop along to try and learn something. Thanks!

  10. I live in London, no-one told me before!
    Now it’s 2 days left, hopefully I’ll make it.
    Thanks for this!