garden roses

Hello everyone. Here are a few more Polaroids of some of my garden roses. I’m especially fond of the big fluffy purple one. (It’s a David Austin rose called Othello.) I think the yellow one is Henry Ford, but I’m not sure. I lost the map I made of the rose garden a few years ago, so now I’m constantly mixing up the names. How do they come up with these names for roses anyway? Would Henry Ford even want to be a yellow rose? Maybe red is more his style.

garden roses


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  1. Wow, Tina! This is a great series of photos. Love the simplicity of the layout. Really lovely. You could make a book of them. I wonder, is the person who gets to make up the names of the roses the same person who gets to make up the names of nail polish and eyeshadow colors? Housepaint colors? Because I’ve always thought that would be a fun job. What do you suppose it pays? Better than journalism, no doubt 😉

  2. Tina darling, when is your b’day??? I know what to get for you…I really do! ~XO*

  3. oh thank you!! it would be so much fun to have a job naming lipsticks and paints, although i would end up using the word “lovely” in every name, as i usually do in every sentence…

    my birthday is sept. 17, ms lenorenevermore…why??? what are you getting!!?? i hate waiting!

  4. oh these are gorgeous. There was a gardening show on TV last night and it showed gardens in LA, made me think of you 😛 so its weird that you now post your garden pictures !!!

  5. ahhhh…the colors are so great! i can almost smell them and feel their prickly little stems.

  6. Oh gorgeous! I’m having a fluffy flower moment, as peonies just seem to have come into season. I can practically smell those amazing blooms in your pictures!

  7. Roses are the most mystical of flowers and, along with all that lavendar, your garden must be enchantingly perfumed. Your photos are ravishing.

  8. I love your polaroids – and your roses. My David Austin Graham Thomas is just about to bloom – I’m so excited!

  9. Cranky alert (this is not to Tina or even to folks who commented here but a long, long list of people who comment on TEM & elsewhere on roses…just a for instance):

    Love roses & perhaps aren't a *rosarian* but gasp over the for-sure loveliness in Tina's garden? Maybe she was looking for a bit of investigative initiative? If not, I am. Maybe you'd like to learn something new or share what you know already.

    Search roses + names & you will find out why/how roses are named. Then post it & some of us will come running (or limping, but we'll be there). I'm busy being cranky, nursing a cracked tooth, navigating thorny DC, & Darfur Fasting.

    Looking forward to reams of rose reports…


  10. I love the way these polaroids capture the color against the white background. Beautiful!

  11. Oh so beautiful. I suddenly had an idea pop into my head recently and everywhere I look now, there are little signs that I should do it. Can’t describe it yet though.

  12. this is such a pretty post!!!

    best wishes to you, your dad, and your family…

  13. Absolutely beautiful! I love how you’ve captured them so casually–it highlights their beauty so nicely!

    My husband bought me a polaroid camera for my birthday–I can’t wait to play around with it and can only hope my photos are half as lovely as these :)

  14. Hi, Tina!
    How wonderful your roses are… It's my dream to grow roses someday. I just love them!