Hello lovies, what are you doing this weekend? With my laundry crisis over, I plan to spend the weekend reading Lisa See’s new book, Shanghai Girls! bliss…

PS: Photo by the fantastic Rosie Hardy. She’s 18 years old and already an amazing photographer. (Her myspace page and flickr pages here.) Her work is not without some controversy and mystery, however. (Check it out here. And Rosie’s response.)


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  1. I LOVE THE PHOTO! and i just got home from a dance, which was fuun, tomorrow i might be running in a race, and sunday i’m in a tennis tournament avec ma mere. its going to be an eventful but fun weekend (: i hope yours spectacular as well !

  2. I need to clean….. but, I have a stack of decorating magazines, a new book and plans to spend hours floating in my pool. Maybe the house won’t get cleaned this weekend… Rosie’s pictures are to die for, thanks for sharing. Enjoy reading your book.

  3. Holy Lord this photo is amazing!!! I must go now and check out her work! Thanks for sharing!

  4. WOW! This photo is so amazing…18! I can’t imagine myself producing anything like this at 18!

  5. So glad laundry crisis is over darling…please don't buy anymore extra socks… Have a gorgeous weekend & a happy yet intense reading will you… ~Blessings*

  6. Hi Tina- I came across your blog while blog hopping and I can’t get enough. I’m having a blast reading old posts and just wanted to say how lovely your blog is!

  7. LOVE the photograph too! Thanks for posting Tina.

    I thought I’d do some yard work, until I read your post. I like your idea much better. Think I’ll read Very Valentine this weekend. Bliss is right my dear! THANK YOU!

  8. I beleive my weekend is going to be spent working, as I have a lot of things lined up. Cleaning. And food shopping. Very glamorous. I suppose I could make it all appear glamorous if I dress up a bit, do my nails so that I can push the shopping trolly with some freshly manicured hands. Do you dress up to go food shopping?

    P.S. I finished Revolutionary Road last night, and, damn, that is the saddest book in the world, not to be read by couples. Tina, why didn’t you warn me! :)

  9. What a wonderfully evocative photo. I love imagining what’s she’s going toward! I’m going to read Judith Sensibar’s “Faulkner and Love: the Women who shaped His Art”.

  10. I just went through her flicker set, and she has a lovely style! Thanks for the visual feast, as always! ox

  11. hello everyone, happy saturday.
    regarding Joanna’s message: it’s looks like that site was some weird publicity stunt.

  12. yeah, tina, so funny and odd! :) and i loved revolutionary road too, can’t wait to see the movie.

  13. Fabulous photo. Her work is eery but captivating. Amazing to be so talented at such a young age.Wow!

  14. Tina…I & my husband went to hiking in this weekend.
    thank you for your sharing the photo.
    Rosie Hardy is a young girl but she had talent for photography.

  15. Oi Tina! Passei para te desejar muita paz, saúde e felicidades.

    Adorei a foto, a modelo tem um lindo corpo.



  16. excited to go check out the photographer and discover what the controversy is. thanks for sharing!