Paris Vogue this month features the model’s fantastic NYC apartment…


I love her inspiration walls and tattered art…


And makeshift furniture…


A sophisticated magpie, indeed…

“Tous les objets, et il y en a des milliers, sont des souvenirs vrais ou adoptés chez les brocanteurs du dimanche, à Chelsea ou à la campagne.” Loosely translated: She has millions of things, collected in Chelsea and elsewhere, that have elicited memories — real or adopted.

And there’s even a wall for Polaroids. A girl after my own heart.

PS: It was photographed by Carole Sabas at The Selby.


23 Comments on Helena Christensen’s Bohème Abode

  1. Oh my gosh – so Im not a weirdo with my pinned up crap all over the walls – woohoo!! :-) Good to know!

  2. oh yes, saw this over at The Selby. she’s got a great eye and one can only imagine the vintage shopping possibilities she has as a super-model…

  3. interesting collage of her life, a little here there and everywhere, small remembrances of what has or will be. thanks.

  4. Just amazing isn’t it. I saw this on THE SELBY. I think he might have taken the pictures.

    Her black floor reminds me of my gold floor. In my 20s I painted my bedroom floor gold because I was inspired by a gleamy picture in a mag. Specialty finishes weren’t readily available in the 80s and I think I went through about 100 bucks in gold spray paint.

  5. That is cool. Wish I could be that good with all my goodies that have accumulated.

  6. Thank you for this, Tina. One of my favorites. Having been feeling very down (for good reason) & seem to apologize every day for my apt. & it's mess. Was becoming (still am) very self-conscious about the state of seemingly chaos here….& then a friend overheard me. She piped up (& produced this Vogue later): "But you are our Helena. Vot are you talking about. Honestly, quit trying to be something you are not… They're all trying to be zeese (producing magazine).

    I still feel, well all & good. It's HC after all. Then my former hairdresser-who-became-friend but out of country for extended time called (I smell a well-meaning conspiracy): "I always told you that you reminded me of HC…same look."

    Believe me, they are being too kind, but it was a valiant effort & I appreciate seeing your post on a feverish Friday morning of a long holiday with most people out of town or preoccupied. (Yes, feeling sorry for self. Disgusting, I know.)

    Julie (the Cat) & I say hello to you & your family. Especially you papa.



  7. great post..i love the inspiration walls..very creative…
    and dear..you’ve got a very very lovely blog!!:D

  8. I’m just catching up. I’m thinking of you and your father, hoping for happy moments.

  9. So very very beautiful and sooo my style! I dont know how I would feel about so many people peeking into my house like that. Glad people like her dont mind though!

  10. I wish my French was slightly less shabby than that perfect nude in the top photo, so that I could read this article. Makes me crave a visit to Butik.

  11. Just noticed she as Man Ray’s Marchesa Casati on the wall as do I. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my site.


  12. Wow, it’s so quirky, I love it. And, I wish I could trade her something for that tattered redhead nude! And, also, always wanted to trade my boring hazel eyes for her divine blue!

  13. What a fantastic space. So full of character. It's awesome when the items all have a story & the room isn't so put together…

    I love that last black chest, but I wonder what she stores in it – jewelry I would imagine… x