What do you think? Should we form a Facebook group? The Washington ballet photo reminded me, yet again, of my favorite fabric. (Even though it has the texture of a Brillo pad, it’s so, so lovely.)

PREVIOUSLY: The International Society of Girls in Flats.


18 Comments on The International Society of Girls in Tulle?

  1. I’m totally in support of such an AWESOME idea! As a kid, I lived in tutu’s and batman t shirts! xoxo

  2. i LOVE tulle – it makes me itchy and its impossible to control, but it’s got to be the one of the coolest fabrics around. instant flounce :)

  3. Sounds Tulicious! I am drawn in to the web of tulle. Delicious photo – love those colors.

  4. Count me in!
    As a little girl my Grandma made me the most beautiful tutu. A deep pink with sequins all around the waist band.
    We could start a revolution!

  5. I agree! So sculptural and yet so ethereal. How many things can you say that about?

  6. Tut, tut, I never had a tutu :( But that one in the picture looks pretty much like the nylon thingy that I scour myself with in the shower every morning (well, nearly every morning).

    My Verification Word is ‘mysme.’ That’s what I tell ’em at work… “You’ll mysme when I’m gone.”

  7. Beautiful photo!

    I love tulle! There are some very fine tulle that is actually lovely to touch! You can still feel the netting, but it’s much softer.

    Perhaps a skirt made with that, would be comfortable to wear! Perhaps a drop waist number…perfect for the ballet!

    Have a lovely weekend!

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