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Perhaps this is further evidence that I spend too much time on the Internet (if that’s possible). While cruising around I discovered Moneygami on a site called Fun Fever.

It’s so clever (although I feel bad for the guy who was made into a potted plant). I think Thomas Jefferson er I mean Alexander Hamilton looks especially dashing. The hat is a much nicer alternative to the powdered wig. And look at The Queen. So lovely in her little chapeau. I couldn’t quite figure out who made these, but I applaud them.

UPDATE: You guys are so funny! Your comments are making me laugh!

A couple:

Amazzzing…I can only fold paper-plane! ;(

Brian Miller said…
lol. nice job whoever did it. and i am sure there wil be an annoyed cashier out there because of this guy.

I couldn’t resist: Here are a few more!



38 Comments on Funny Moneygami

  1. lol. nice job whoever did it. and i am sure there wil be an annoyed cashier out there because of this guy.

  2. These are all such fun! I think Lincoln would have loved this!!!
    How’s your dad?

  3. Not an annoyed cashier. And AMUSED cashier. At least…I’d be, were it me being handed the bills.

  4. THose are clever! I would say that the person who made these might have too much time on their hands… lol!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. You do spent to much time on the internet, but we thank you for it! I love these, they are spectacular!! I would love to have them framed on the wall. And laugh in the face of money! Ha! Brilliant, whoever did it! xoxo

  6. These are great! So much imagination and talent out there!

    Before the advent of the internet, we would never have discovered these little treasures.

    I’m glad I can enjoy your treasure finding! Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I wish I could come up with some genius idea like that to make money off of….the person I envy the most in that aspect is the person who invented the wacky noodles that you use in the pool. My favorite moneygami has to be Queen Elizabeth…fabulous!

  8. I guess it’s obvious now that i spend money too fast to even examine it. who knew alexander hamilton was so square jawed and handsome.