May 08, 2009

by English Muse

…In light and shadow…

…I’m looking forward to a weekend of gardening!….
What are you up to?


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25 Responses to “Roses”

  1. Miranda says:

    Your roses are equisite, as is your eye.

  2. Viewtiful_Justin says:

    Pretty snapshots! My weekend? Blah. Work. But maybe I’ll see Candace Cameron (TV’s DJ from Full House) speak at a church in town.

  3. Laura Trevey says:

    I’m so thankful the sun is out! Something outside with my family 🙂

  4. Sanctum's Muse says:

    My husband and I are going river kayaking in a national park near our home. I can’t wait!

  5. Rosemildo Sales Furtado says:

    Olá Tina! Realmente, não temos porque reclamar da vida, se o nosso bom DEUS nos deu tantas coisa maravilhosas. A natureza e as rosas são os mais reais e incontestáveis exemplos.

    Adorei. As rosas são simplesmente magníficas.



  6. Tina says:

    Oh Furtado, Beijos! and thank you!

  7. A little Princess says:

    Luuurvly photos! Have a fab weekend of gardening, I’m stuck revising for my last uni exams -ever! xoxo

  8. Jacqueline J says:

    Writing to a friend in Beijing; and then, hopefully, doing a bit of Spring cleaning.

    Your blogs lovely, now, innit?

  9. becka says:

    So pretty! Im going to be gardening also, and enjoying my birthday on Saturday with some chocolate cake. I’m having a wee giveaway on my blog to celebrate!

  10. Brian Miller says:

    nice capture. obviously the ones in light are more perky. pretty.

  11. becka says:

    So pretty! I’m going to be in the garden too, and enjoying my birthday on Saturday. I’m having a wee giveaway over on my blog to celebrate!

  12. becka says:

    sorry for posting twice! I couldnt remember if I’d hit publish the first time or not!


    I’ll be enjoying the outdoors too…don’t forget sunblock spf 1000++ darling~

  14. Maggie May says:

    pizza, movies, sleep, sex, gardening 🙂

  15. automatism says:

    Ooh — a weekend spent in a rose garden sounds lovely! I’ll be working on a couple of collage pieces for a group show I’m in, so it’ll be a busy but contemplative sort of weekend for me as well.



  16. lauragrace7 says:

    your roses look so lovely! i plan to read A LOT of Shakespeare and write many many papers… best of luck to us both! 😉

  17. The Beauty File says:

    baking a red velvet cake…pics to follow on my blog!!

  18. Daisy says:

    So pretty !

  19. Maria-Thérèse says:

    I’m busy making books and books and more books with my new machine. I am a little machine.
    I even made a picture story:

  20. thesixkents says:

    I’m still loving all the polaroid shots on your site! I even meant to buy a polaroid camera on my holiday recently to see what I could do with it, but instead bought a PINHOLE camera. I can’t wait to try it out!

  21. SOL says:

    Quite a romantic mood in this shot. Love pictures of roses.

  22. Tina Tarnoff says:

    Your roses are so wonderful, Tina, I wish I had a rose garden! My next door neighbour has them and I keep eyeing them from my porch.

    I’m having unexpected overnight guests, this weekend, so instead of loungeing and snoozing I’ll be cleaning, cookng and entertaining.

    Have a lovely day, my lovely!

  23. Jen says:

    Dear Tina,
    nothing more elegant and beautiful than roses – lovely light.
    Weekend of enjoyment. Off to the city. Enjoy each sweet moment.

  24. Daydream Lily says:

    Im just commenting to confess my love for you and your blog.

    I love you !!!!

  25. Penney says:

    Happy Mother’s day Tina!! I’ve been missing in action.. A move out of the city, and I got sick in the rain during the move I guess…?
    Thinking about your dad, you and your family…and hoping he’s on the mend!
    Have a good, good day!
    Much xoxo, Penney

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