I LOVE these embroidered illustrations by Stephen Campbell…


It would be so lovely to walk my dog (or cat?) in London…


Or navigate the Tube with this fantastic map!


I can’t sew a stitch but I adore whimsical embroidery. And Campbell’s is brilliant!

There’s more of his designs over here!



23 Comments on So Charming…

  1. That looks like a Shiba Inu, Japanese dog that looks a lot like a fox with a curling tail. You think?

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

    I checked out the website and the designs are just so funky!

  3. this brings back a lot of fond memories… umbrellas, beautiful front doors, funny smiling cats, and posh kensington high street. riding on the tube! “mind the gap, mind the gap..!” oh, how I miss living in london. I can’t have my husband hear me… but, even if I adoore San Francisco (I wish we would move to london!).. now, let’s pretend I never said it!

    do you feel like that about paris, tina? would you move there if ther was an opportunity? or is it nice just to daydream about it?

  4. My darling Tina, I never realized you lived in London!

    Yes, I adore Paris. But I felt much more at home in London, like i had met my people! (Pale girls in flats!)

  5. Love the ill. with the umbrella!! Love London also.. Paris..ah…So special too! How could you choose?
    Tina, hoping your dad is up and around these days..

  6. The first one is my favorite- the bows on her shoes! I’ve tried my hand at some embroidery lately, but perhaps I need to do some more elaborate ones like these! Wonderful!