Hello everyone. How was your Wednesday? This photo of some of the members of the Washington Ballet made me laugh out loud! It was taken by Cade Martin and is now making its way through the Tumblr world. I want to walk around town in a tutu!


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  1. Hello Tina!
    Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic shot! I love tutus! :-)))

  2. Thanks Tina for showing this..it’s making its way around DC, too. Shows that we’re not just stuffy (people who think that never lived here…)



  3. ohmigosh. i LOVE this photo! for its humour and composition. just look at that lighting! and who doesn’t love a tutu?

  4. OMG! That is so awesome. I especially like the man in the back holding the parasol with a powder wig. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing

  5. I would happily join you for a tutu-clad city stroll! Although maybe on your side of the world, it’s a little too chilly for that here at the moment!

  6. Tina
    Are you going to start an International Fan Club for Grrrls Who Wanna Wear Tutus?

    That is a spectacular parasol.

  7. May I join, please? I’ve wanted one since I first saw one…Love at first tutu!

    How’s your father? Hoping everything is well.

  8. HAha this made me smile as soon as I clicked on your page! Thank you.

    IT’s like abby road meets a tutu!

  9. I suppose that little ballerina girl is still in me somewhere (or perhaps I just want to play dress up) because I’d love to wear a tutu. Gorgeous photo!

  10. Gorgeous shot – makes me want to do that here in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. …

  11. É, realmente dá prá rir, mais pelo posicionamento dos personagens na hora em que a mesma foi tirada.



  12. Tutu–symbol of elegant freedom! May we all live in harmony with our inner prima ballerina.

  13. I always love the whimsical and sudden appearance of something delightful but unexpected.

  14. oh this is great. I’ll second Ms Unreliable, lest go for a stroll in a tutu over your way.
    oh whats your tumblr btw?? im daydreamlily.tumblr.com