Kate Spade

I was so excited when this Kate Spade ad campaign debuted
a couple years ago…

Kate Spade

I spent six years in Arizona before heading to California…

Kate Spade

And one of my friends grew up in the small town of Bisbee. (And I’m certain she would find the gold jacket and big blue flower quite smart!)

I can’t wait to see what the new Kate Spade ads look like this fall. (I usually tear them out of Vogue and stash them in a folder.) Have you seen Kate Spade’s Behind the Curtain website? It’s one of my favorites!

I hope you have a lovely Monday! What do you have planned this week?


22 Comments on Bisbee, Arizona

  1. I don't know Arizona but I love these photos. I was very happy to discover Kate Spade work. Thank you!

  2. I had a home in Tucson for 2 years. There is something very special about the Arizona desert that I love. Those photos take me back to the magical feeling of the Arizona desert. That ad campaign is beatifully shot. Thanks for sharing Kate's site. I will check it out now!

  3. I adore Bisbee…there's no place like it when you're in the mood for taking vintage photos. I have actually roadtripped there specifically for that purpose! If only it weren't such a LOOOOOOOOONG drive from Colorado!

  4. While I think I'm more a New Mexico boy than an Arizona chico there is something very intriguing to me about Bisbee…??? Never been but would like to visit. In a little Kate Spade number even? Well, Tina, I think I'll leave that up to you. 😉

    Happy Monday!

  5. Oh wow, these pictures make me wish I lived in Arizona, haha. This week is going to be me trying to be creative with the junk around my house. Wish me luck!

  6. Kate's ads just make my soul leap. They are such a throw back to the 60's; but also current at the same time. Love the old Volvo in the one shot! Hoping to get a lot done this week; hope yours will be a great one!

  7. i've been dying to go to bisbee and stay in that air stream trailer park! these photos are exactly how i want that trip to be.

  8. the young lady with the big blue flower is a doll. what a photo! would like to visit bisbee sometime. don't know much about it. lovely post.

  9. I was sooo in love with that campaign too! Wish I could naturally dress like that everyday, ya know?

  10. How funny you post this! I was just in Bisbee two weeks ago and it was SO LOVELY! I stayed at the Shady Dell Trailer Park too. :)

  11. While I love the photographs themselves – I am deeply jarred by the young model. Is she playing dress-up or are we adult women supposed to emulate someone who is plainly 14 or 15?

  12. this is my favorite kate spade campaign EVER. in fact, i've had the page with the packed car on my wall ever since i tore it out of a magazine several years ago. makes me wanna hit the road!

  13. last picture is how i wanna look. never been here and i really get inspired by your blog.