Over the Alps and on the move…

Very cool!

(Top photo by T Kelly Photo. Video by Munich Time-Lapse.)


18 Comments on Clouds

  1. wow. amazing pic. it's like the clouds are big scoops of ice cream in the bowl of the mountains.

  2. This is unbelievably beautiful. Like something you could only dream about… The waterfall of the heavens!

  3. Dear Tina. I'm okay darling. thank you so much for caring. you're really a good friend… I mean it.


  4. wow! Those are beautiful! First look, i thought the bumps were small hills! nyahahaha! Thanks for sharing! It's really beautiful!

  5. That photo is amazing!! Its such a treat to see the world thru the eyes of a photographer… especially in places and at altitudes we'd never go ourselves!

  6. So wonderful, wonderful – it reminds me of the fog coming in over the Golden Gate bridge. My husband claims that there is no such thing as fog, that fog is just low clouds. Well, maybe he's right!