Love her blog. She went away to London a week ago and took a break from blogging. I was lost. Funny how that happens. Now she’s back. Life can resume.


14 Comments on Crazy Blog Crush

  1. I have a lil' blog crush on the English Muse and Ms. Muse. Even while I am on vacay, I am still checking for new posts.

  2. Such a gorgeous image. I just popped over to Julia's blog. Such incredible photographs. Thank you for sharing. Kellie

  3. Thank you for passing along Julia.


    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

    (It's this type of creativity helping me to garden better. 'Men come to build sooner than to garden finely as if gardening were the greater art.' Pope)

  4. i love julia's blog. the photos are to die for. a great daily read :)…like the english muse!

  5. Yes, Tina, you better not go on a vacation from blogging, because thousands of people will be lost! xoxo I'm off to check out her blog!