domino favorite: black white and cool all over

I love this photo of black and white treasures displayed against a dark gray wall. (Check out the little black dress and white sweater, upper right!)

A Domino Favorite: Black and White

This series of photos appeared in the December 2005 issue of Domino magazine as part of an article, “Black and White and Cool All Over”…

A Domino Favorite: Black and White and cool all over

I especially love the black chandelier….

Domino Magazine: Black and White

And the curtain tied back with a black grosgrain ribbon. (Also cute shoes and cat!)

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Credits: photos by Mikkel Vang, styling by Christine Rudolph.


18 Comments on A Domino Favorite: Black and White

  1. I'm head over heels in love with the to image (just when I'd finally decided to paint all my walls white!)

    I love her entire outfit too! Though I would swap the cat for a dog;)

  2. The Domino book has become my bible ….I just wish I had the cash to follow through with the designs … *sigh*

  3. i have always loved black & white.
    (…or really black & winter white best !)

    great post.
    the black chandelier is fab.

  4. The black chandelier and the perfect soft-boiled eggs just waiting to be cracked – an exquisite photo! Lovely Monday post – thank you!

  5. The breakfast scene is particularly exquisite. . .odd how black and white combine drama and serenity.

  6. Truly stunning – love the first photo of the wall display. And the addition of the kraft paper colored details. And that chandelier above a rustic breakfast table!!! I want! xo

  7. Oh I'm inspired–I've got a black and white living room but could never figure out what color to paint the walls. Love this! Now to talk my husband into it…

  8. Just found your blog …. very creative and inspirational! I absolutely love this post – the use of neutrals is my all time fave at present!

  9. Your post has made me realise how much I miss Domino. It was very hard to get down here in Australia but it was such a fantastic magazine!

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