Domino: secondhand (love) story

I’ve been organizing my magazines this weekend — finally finding all my old Dominos. I rediscovered this article that I loved so much when it came out in March 2007

Domino: secondhand (love) story

It’s a fantastic piece about a Portland, ME, couple’s quest for quirky, mostly vintage, things…

Domino: secondhand (love) story

I adore the colorful patchwork of pillows…and this amazing closet with old paper lanterns…

Domino: secondhand (love) story

I’ve posted the entire article on my flickr page, in large form if you want to read it. I’m hoping to turn my Domino revisits into a Sunday series here. What do you think?

PS. Article Credits: Photos by James Merrell, styling by Ashley Sargent and text by Brooke Williams.


21 Comments on A Domino Favorite: Secondhand (Love) Story

  1. I love her dress in the last photo! That isn't something a lot of people can pull off! – Amy

  2. what a great story! thanks for posting the whole article! i am in love with their home. especially her closet. and i vote yes for the sunday domino series.

  3. I love that last picture!!
    AMAZING colours and part of me kinda wants that suit!lol!

  4. Oh that looks beautiful. I never got a chance to buy my first domino mag. I would love to see more on here though.

  5. I think you have an exquisite taste and always find the most gorgeous interesting things. That fuchsia tone closed is an absolute dream, and her faux suit is lovely. She is lovely. And Yay for Sunday Domino Series!

  6. I think it sounds like a great idea–I would definitely enjoy it! I love these photos–they are giving me some inspiration for my own home.

  7. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you:D I loved the sofa with the pillows and saw that image on domino's gallery and reading the whole article it's great:)

    Never had a domnino mag on my hands:/ shame on me:P