Jun 08, 2009

by English Muse

Ah, it’s Monday again. It’s been so dreary here in Los Angeles. We’ve been suffering through a thing the weathermen call “June Gloom.” We’ve had rain for the last few days, which I think is illegal. It’s never supposed to rain in Los Angeles after March.
I’m hoping for puffy clouds giving way to blue skies this week.

Hope you have a lovely one.

PS: This photo is one of my favorite sky Polaroids, taken on an early morning
in San Marino recently under better weather conditions.


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17 Responses to “Monday”

  1. Alice says:

    It's been raining in paris for days too, I don't understand it! I'd already packed all my winter clothes away. Fingers crossed it'll get better soon. x

  2. Penney says:

    Gloomy skies here too! Cool, also!! Burr….Great weather to play indoors on projects!! Cameras? Paint?
    Have a great week!!

  3. Florence says:

    thats a beautiful picture xxx

  4. Brian Miller says:

    lovin the big puffy white clouds. hoping your monday turns sunny…

  5. umama says:

    Love the photo! Any recommendations on purchasing a Polaroid? I am dying for one!!

  6. Gina says:

    hope the sun comes out soon! i also hope we'll be seeing you guys in august! have a great week!!

  7. TheBeautyFile says:

    Crazy. LA has rain & NY had snow up until last month. The humidity here in NY is so gross…wishing I could escape to the mountains!

  8. Rebecca says:

    we must be getting you weather here in park city!!!

  9. avant garde says:

    i'll sing rain rain go away for you ok? 🙂 the rain is refreshing once in a while but after a day or two you think enough's enough!

  10. our little love nest says:

    It sure looks gorgeous for being a gloomy day. xo

  11. Shaddy says:

    I sure hope you see some sun soon. Too many cloudy days in a row make life a little harder to cope with.

    The sun is trying to shine here in southern Wisconsin this afternoon. I have to give Mr. Sun credit for at least trying to brighten our day.

    Your photo brightened things up for me. I'm going back to look at it again.


  12. Margaret says:


  13. LouDuk says:

    I love how your Polaroid captures things. It's the best.

  14. jonas wunderman says:

    "june gloom", that's such a sad phrase. It sounds like a smile turned upside down.

    It's not much better here.

  15. Tina says:

    yes darling jonas, but you're in Paris gloom !

  16. Anonymous says:

    I happen to like June Gloom! It's my fave time of year. How can you appreciate the sunshine if you've never seen a cloudy day?

  17. life according to celia... says:

    at least the afternoons are clearing up. 🙂

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